Websites that Sell Eco-Friendly Landscaping Products

As we turn more and more towards green products, different and unique products are becoming available to the public. Buying and using eco-friendly landscaping products is a great way to help the earth. It is now possible to have a green garden and yard that is good to the earth also. You can grow healthy vegetable for your family or just keep your grass pesticide free. There are plenty of landscaping products out there to meet your needs.

Green and More is an excellent website in which you can purchase all types of eco-friendly products. They offer several different landscaping products for your garden and yard. They sell composters, manual lawn mowers, greenhouses, rain barrels, outdoor lighting, patio furniture, mulch, biodegradable lawn bags and home weather stations. They sell 4 different composters in which you can make your own fertilizer for your gardens and yard. This is a great way to go green, as you are saving space in the landfills and at that same time making an excellent natural fertilizer for your garden. The composters range from $69.99 – $499.99. You can check out all their eco-friendly landscaping products at their website at: Green and More.

Gardens Alive is a wonderful website to find eco-friendly products for your garden. Their goal is to provide chemical free products for your garden and home. They offer products for plant care, animal control, soil care, insect pest control, and weed control. You can buy everything from eco-friendly fertilizer to liquid mole repellent. All of the products are natural and safe for the earth and humans. You do not have to worry about spraying for insects and then your kids playing around the yard, because their insecticides are nontoxic. This is probably the most comprehensive eco-friendly landscaping website that you find. To check out the website got to: Gardens Alive.

Another website that sells eco-friendly landscaping products is Gaiam. They offer a wide variety of green products for the home and the garden. Some of the products that they sell are, solar lanterns and lights, reel lawn mowers, patio furniture, bamboo fountain, composters, gardening pots, and slate solar stepping stones for the garden. My favorite product would have to be the all natural hammock that they sell. The hammock is made from recycled soda bottles. How creative is that? The hammock sells for $189.00.

Most of the eco-friendly landscaping products that these websites sell are priced reasonably. You do not have to spend lots of money to go green in your garden or yard. And even if the fertilizer is a little more expensive, you can rest easy that your vegetables and lawn will be safe for you, your kids and your pets. Not only does going green help the earth but it also helps you and your family.

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