The Friendship Line

If you’re not feeling fine
Take a chance on the Friendship Line
If you’re not feeling free
Step out of your shell and you will see
Yourself standing in the sun
You won’t feel alone
You won’t be undone
On the Friendship Line
You’ll be right at home
Traveling far and wide
With friends by your side
So don’t be surprised
As you move through the countryside
If you, yes, fall in love
For the Friendship Line
Will take you as far as you want to go
Get your ticket soon
You may find yourself beneath the moon
With the friend you’ve been waiting for
Don’t say no
Get on board
And see how far you can go
The Friendship Line departs in a hurry
No time to pine, no time for worry
Escape your prison now
Before you lock yourself in again
Freedom is what you have to gain
You won’t be sad, you won’t be blue
Farewell friend

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