The Fujifilm Finepix A345 4.1 Mega Pixel Camera

The Fujifilm finepix 4.1 mega pixel A345 digital camera is a great camera for the most experienced to the most novice photographer and is very reasonably priced as well. The camera is powered by 2XAA batteries. The A345 camera offers many features to provide a great picture taking experience including a 3x optical zoom and 3.6x digital zoom. There is a movie recording mode, and four different scene modes to choose from.

I bought this product because I wanted to get into digital photography as a hobby but did not want to spend an arm and leg doing so. I bought the finepix A345 camera for less than a hundred and fifty dollars and believe me it has been a great purchase. One of my favorite features is macro mode. The macro mode allows users to take close up pictures that turn out absolutely beautiful. Another great feature is the 1.7 inch lcd view screen that provides about 90 percent picture coverage The lcd screen is also supports seven different languages. The camera has a self timer which can be set for two seconds or ten seconds. This is a very useful mode for taking family portraits or just a picture of you and a friend. With the two different delay modes in self timer you can take a great picture without feeling rushed.

The Fujifilm finepix A345 is xD memory card compatible. The xD memory cards are available in different sizes ranging from 16mb all the way to a 1gb card. The camera has a video out put for viewing your pictures on a television. This is great for sitting back and allowing friends and family to view your pictures without having to send them through email or having the pictures printed.

There is also a movie mode with sound. The movie mode is in avi format or motion jpeg. I have found this to be an invaluable part of the camera. It is such a joy to be able to take a short movie clip with sound, of the kids being silly without having to spend the money on a high priced digital camcorder.

The shooting modes consist of auto, manual, and four scenic modes. The scenic modes are portrait, landscape, sports, and night scene. In auto mode the camera selects the best settings that way the all the photographer has to worry about is what to take pictures of. The manual mode allows the photographer to set the cameras settings his or herself and get the effect they are wanting.

If there would be one thing I could change about the camera it would have to be the color. The camera only comes in one color and that is silver. I would like to see the camera come in different colors that way it could suite the photographers style and mood.

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