The Game of Go

Far Eastern games are becoming increasingly popular as they are “discovered” by people previously unaware of them. One old oriental strategy past time, the board game of Go, has devoted fans and players, hungry for knowledge on their passion. Here are ideas to write profitably about the game of Go.

Not long ago, while working as an online bookseller, I came across a small group of books at a local thrift store on the game of Go. The topic was completely foreign to me – I had never heard of the game. When examining the books, however, I was impressed with the complexity of the subject. Here were illustrated books covering all aspects of an ancient and complicated strategy board game.

The books were in poor condition. Though not up to my usual selling standards, I was impressed enough with their coverage to buy the whole lot for a few dollars. All the game of Go books sold quickly with strong competition between bidders, for high profits in spite of their condition. Players were eager to find any additional information on their interest.

History of the Game
Write articles or ebooks on some aspect of the history of the board game. You might research origins from one culture or country or the influences upon the game’s development from several, if applicable. Another idea is to write on the history of the Go game boards and markers. The history and development of methods and rituals of playing or Go tournaments etc. would make unique article or ebook topics.

Famous Go Players
Write articles or ebooks on Go pros, past and present. Professionals themselves wrote a couple of the books I sold, about their game playing careers. Your own written versions could focus on one professional or tell about many.

Game of Go Tournaments
Research and write articles or ebooks on professional competition of the Go tournaments. You could include stories of the players and Go game playing, Go tournament winners, statistics, etc.

Game of Go Strategy
Research and write advice on how to employ strategy and win the Game of Go. You might include anecdotes about professional players. Focus articles or ebooks for beginning game players or advanced Go strategists. Include diagrams of game moves and strategies or helpful photos.

Game of Go Collectibles
Write articles or ebooks on Go game memorabilia possibilities for new collectors. Research past sales and prices of Go items to discern possible trends or suggestions of collecting ideas. Illustrate with photos of older Go game boards, markers etc., if possible

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