The Haunted Hannah House in Indianapolis, Indiana

The historic Hannah house is one of the most visited haunted houses in Central Indiana. It is located at 3801 Madison Avenue in Indianapolis, Indiana. The house was built in 1858 by 37 year old Alexander Hannah. Hannah was a well known man in the Indianapolis community; he was a farmer, a gold rush prospector, sheriff, postmaster, Circuit Court clerk and civic leader. What few knew was the basement of Hannah House served as safe haven for slaves escaping into Canada on the Underground Railroad.

As a gift to his bride, Elizabeth, Hannah made additions to the house. A summer Kitchen, milk house, smoke house and servants’ quarters were all added 14 years after the original construction.

One terrible night, a group of slaves was waiting in the cramped, dirt-floored cellar for a time that would be safe for them to leave and head for their freedom. Accidently and unknowingly one of them tipped over an oil lamp. It instantly ignited a fire that trapped them in the cellar. Due to the smoke inhalation and burns, they died within a few minutes. It was necessary for Hannah to cover up any trace of this incident before any authorities found out. The cellar was filled in immediately and the remains of the victims are buried there. This all happened in the actual house that is still standing and is a true story. Since then Hannah House has been known for paranormal activity. Reports of shadowy figures, moans, voices and cold spots have been felt by many people.

A ghostly figure is often seen walking around in the upstairs rooms. Reports of photos being moved and noises being heard in the upstairs bedrooms are common. It is said, though not authenticated, that Hannah’s wife, Elizabeth was pregnant and had a difficult pregnancy and birth. The baby was stillborn in one of the front bedrooms. People still claim to hear a baby crying and sobbing in this area of the upstairs.

Many think that Hannah himself is seen on several areas of the property, including upstairs and on the balcony. An older woman has been seen upstairs around the bedroom that was Elizabeth’s. A chandelier was filmed swinging by a news station film crew; they could find no natural reason for it to be swinging like it was.

Alexander Hannah died without an heir on April 15, 1895. The house and property was sold to a German immigrant named Roman Oehler in 1899. Mr. Oehler’s descendants still own it.

In 1978 the house was listed as a recognized historical landmark by the U.S. Department of the Interior. The house has been restored and renovated and is now open for tours and overnight stays are even available for those brave enough. The house is currently used for special events such as weddings and corporate events. Reports of whispering and shadows and strange occurrences are reported by both workers and people visiting the property. Downstairs, where the cellar has been filled in, is the most active area for paranormal experiences. Go visit Hannah House if you dare.

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