The Hoover Z Upright Vacuum: A Product Review

I recently purchased a Hoover Z upright vacuum cleaner. I had just returned a different brand of vacuum that had performed very badly, and chose the Hoover Z as a replacement in hopes of acquiring an effective and reliable upright. I have not been disappointed with the Hoover Z, and cannot say enough good things about this wonderful product!

The first very appealing aspect of the Hoover Z that I noticed, was it’s unique “Z” design. This design allows the upright to be collapsed to a height of only 34″, making it possible to tuck it under a table or other low standing furniture when not in use. This design aspect, along with the cleaning hose that extends twenty feet, gives the Hoover Z the performance of an upright, with the flexibility of a cannister vacuum. In addition, the cleaning hose swivels 360 degrees, ensuring that it will not kink, or topple the vacuum.

The Hoover Z is equipped with a digital settings control pad, which makes turning the power on or off, and changing carpet height settings easy and convenient. Instead of flipping switches, or bending down to adjust dials and levers located on the lower portion of the vacuum, with the Hoover Z, all of this can be done with the pressing of a button.

One of my very favorite design aspects of the Hoover Z, is the way the power cord is stored. The Hoover Z is designed with an on board case that holds the power cord and all attachments, and has a cover that snaps shut to hold everything securely inside. This feature not only holds the attachments in place and keeps them from falling off of the unit while vacuuming, but also eliminates the problem of the power cord getting snagged and unwound while the vacuum is not in use. This thoughtful design aspect is especially useful in households with children, where it seems that vacuum cords have a tendency to become snagged and unwound no matter how “out-of-the-way” you think you have stored it!

The Hoover Z vacuum is highly effective in cleaning carpets. This powerful unit seems to almost propel itself forward, and the suction is so strong, that you really feel some resistance when trying to pull the vacuum back towards yourself. As I mentioned, we had replaced a poorly functioning but newly purchased vacuum with the Hoover Z, and the first time we used it on our carpets, we could not believe the amount of dust it pulled out of our carpets! Not only did our carpets look cleaner, but our house smelled much fresher and there was no dusty smell as there had been with the inferior vacuum model. It was as though the air we were breathing in our home really was cleaner.

The Hoover Z is also virtually maintenance free. Under normal household conditions, you should never have to replace bulbs, bags, belts, or filters. The brushes of the Hoover Z are designed with an antimicrobial coating that prevents bacteria or mold from growing on them.

I absolutely love the Hoover Z upright vacuum. If you are in the process of shopping for an upright vacuum cleaner, you may want to seriously consider purchasing a Hoover Z.

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