The Worst Apartment to Live in Orlando, FL

If you’re a snowbird migrating to Orlando, or a current resident planning to move please take caution and read the below review. Through personal experience I can speak first hand on why this is definitely not a place you’ll want to settle into.

Once you sign the dotted line on a lease you are bound for the duration on the contract.

Oakwood Commons (About to go under new management so the name might change in the near future.) –

Located at: 3700 Curry Ford Rd.

This place is an utter nightmare, words almost can’t express the horrors of this place! The saying “You get what you pay for” just doesn’t say enough on this one. The rent is fairly cheap which is a plus, however it’s cheap because of how unmaintained the place is.

When you enter the complex you might be greeted with what appears to be a decent looking club house, this is because they only fix up the front of the neighborhood. Take a drive towards the back area and you’ll see a different story, the grass is all almost dead, there is graffiti around, and garbage from the dumpster is all over the street causing it to smell horribly. When it rains, there are no drains so the street floods all around the dumpster – and I’m talking deep, you can’t even drive a car through it. The water is so disgusting with every ones garbage floating all around.

Crime in this neighborhood is horrible. Between theft and AM gun shots you’ll hear, it is definitely not a safe place for families with children to be living.

The interior of the apartments are by far even worse than the inside. No matter how clean of a person you are, expect to live with roaches. Once the lights go off they will scurry out from your air vents and any other small crevice they have found. The walls and ceilings are completely infested. The apartment will tell you they have routine bug maintenance. This is a complete lie, they might come out once in a 12 month lease and if you call to request them the office will only make excuses to you and it will never happen. In time the roaches will migrate without you noticing into your personal belongings, electronics with small holes seem to be a favorite. They will completely infest your possessions to the point where you may have to throw things in the garbage.

Maintenance is just as bad as the service in the office you’ll receive. Expect to wait months to have even the most simple of problems fixed, if they even come at all. I had a leak in my closet dripping down badly from the unit above me, no matter how many times I would call the office to inform them about the problem maintenance would never come. The problem eventually evolved and got much worse. Heavy mold grew on the ceiling, and it finally caved in. The nightmare got worse as roaches now poured in from the ceiling, now having free roam in masses of my apartment. Bug bombs, spray, and traps were no match at this point due to the overwhelming number of them in the utility closet. As most of you know roaches will breed like crazy, so this problem only got worse. It was the most disgusting experience of my entire life. The drip continued on and so did my calls to the office. I was assured maintenance would come to fix the problem, but that did not happen. The carpet then began to grow a mildew from being wet. The leak got so bad that it soaked the carpet to the point where water ran under the walls and into my clothing closet and bedroom near the walls. The boarder of the walls near the carpet grew a dark green / grey mold from that point.

Mold isn’t something anyone should have to live with. It can be a serious health issue causing problems such as Legionnaires’ Disease.

Here are some reviews from other tenants who are currently living or have previously lived at Oakwood Commons. I will leave their names anonymous for their privacy.:

“I moved to this apartment complex about 10 months ago, I am moving out the day my lease is up. I pay rent to give shelter to roaches. At night as soon as the lights come off, you go back and turn them on 10 minutes later, roaches everywhere, an average night I killed about 15 roaches. It is very stressful to live there, neighbors don’t have any respect for each other. My outside chairs have been stolen several times, my bird feeder, even my car battery. The dumpster, oh let me tell you, people drive by in their cars and they just leave the garbage on the street by the dumpster they don’t even make it to it. They put out a second dumpster across from our parking lot, not even covered, the other day I came out to throw the garbage out and they were 4 KIDS!! I hope with this review I had save at least from person from making the biggest mistake of their lives, moving in to OAKWOOD COMMONS.”

“Don’t move here unless you want a virtual hellhole where you will have a hard time sleeping at night because of the car alarms, gunshots, fireworks, domestic disputes, and the other colorful antics of your Jerry Springer type neighbors. I wish someone had warned me about this place because from the front it can be deceiving. Do not believe anything they tell you in the front office because they work from commission and sales is pretty much all they care about. None of them live on property and they all are well out of here before nightfall each day. Most of us are just waiting out our leases to get the heck out of here. They refuse to let us leave any sooner. So be warned!!!”

Be sure when choosing an apartment to do your research prior to selecting a place to move into. It will be well worth your time and save you many headaches in the end. Don’t put yourself or your family through a nightmare.

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