The Hot Shots Golf Series Brings Its Excitement to the PSP!

Those of you familiar with the original Hot Shots Golf games released on the Sony Playstation 1 and 2 will now be excited to know it is now on the Sony PSP and because of the PSP’s portability, this revitalizes the excitement of Hot Shots Golf to all its fans and to gamers new to this game.

Sure, the Hot Shots veterans can pick up this game right away without reading the manual, but this doesn’t mean there isn’t anything new to the game to draw them in. This PSP version of Hot Shots Golf doesn’t throw in right away all the familiar features in previous series. It forces you to play, play and play the game so you can upgrade your chosen golf character and give you not only stronger stats for your character, but new courses and characters as well.

This feature alone is what can make it very addicting because gamers will want to keep playing to see all the new clothing, apparel, golf clubs and balls you can get. There’s even some wild items in the game like a clown suit, cheerleader outfit and a frying pan!

New people to this game will enjoy this game immensely because it is very simple to learn the 3-click golf shot system which is utilized by all the Hot Shots games. This PSP version could very well be even more fun than the other Hot Shots games because of some major advantages: Portability and multiplayability. You can play Hot Shots literally anywhere you go instead of just in your bed room or living room so the PSP portability will just increase the games highly addictive nature!

And mulitplayability makes it even more exciting because you can play the game with friends in the same house, with different screens and even better, you don’t have to wait your turn when playing! Unlike the PS1 and PS2 versions, Hot Shots Golf for the PSP lets everyone play the game simultaneously, increasing the fun factor because games do not take a super long time since there is no wait time between shots!

This alone is a huge advantage! Also, once you take advantage of the PSP’s wireless internet capability, you can even play people on the internet!

New courses, items, characters, features, portability, multiplayability….this game has it all!

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