The Hunt of the Iron Bird

From up the sky, it swooped to ground

straight hurled this unusual bird of


without deflection or affection, not

even slight.

For straightly charged it was, the

martial-falconer’s instruction, to

hunt down no mean sum, of the

bounteous prey.

Thus it seeks the city , but not to

habitate there, for to roam and

sight, the natural prey, vermin and

little birds.

But to devastate , to make desolate,

to destroy edifice in a row, to

scatter little homes and kill the

young and old, man ,woman and


Where it has spared it has poisoned

the struggling city air, with acrid fumes

and fear.

Billows of smoke rise above the

ground, where marks a million

vermillion spots ; mangled flesh

and broken bones.

With a blast it burst, it never did

give a screech, or make the hunter’s


But came in silence and speed.

When exploded with tremendous sound,

it brought not happy times,

this cruel and ruthless bird

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