The Immediate Benefits to Operation Hand-Sheikh in Iraq

The immediate return-product to activating Operation Hand-Sheikh (see previous article called “Operation Hand-Sheikh The Alternative Approach for the Ongoing Struggle in Iraq.)would be a cessation of hostilities between apposing groups. We are not talking about sending out teams of construction personnel as part of the make-up of the Operation’s team We will be sending out a team consisting of medical officers number two or three, security specialists numbering two or three, two HUMINT specialists, a finance officer, one engineer, and one manager. This team would begin to contract labor and re-build the area according to the priorities set by the Sheikh and the Team’s Manager. Another immediate benefit to the people would be the medical assistance. Medical care will facilitate the initial acceptance of the team by the Tribe. However, long-term stay would depend on actual visual and living improvements. This is where the HUMINT specialists would come in. These Specialists would discuss with the populace and receive from them reliable intelligence. This exchange would not be done for meager financial pay-offs, the faulty and harmful method used today. The exchange would be done under the blessing of the Sheikh. Information delivered when the Sheikh has given full blessing is almost always reliable. The end-result would be that the tribes who agree to cooperate with this Team would see a vast improvement of living conditions in their area. Very soon, other Sheikhs will agree to cooperate. The people will demand it. It is the motivating reason the people voted!

The U.S. Forces can not blockade the importation of militants into Iraq. By strengthening the ties between us and the tribes, the local Iraqis can stop these militants from entering their neighborhoods. We know the Iraqis are capable of this type of self-security because Saddam created a very tight system whose backbone was the people themselves (study the system, not CNN). We can achieve the same level of cooperation and security by utilizing methods agreeable to our values. In order to do this, we must re-build Iraq. By acting as a police force while being led by the nose, gets us nowhere. This proposed method is, in fact, a quid pro quo approach: continued reliable intelligence in exchange for successful reconstruction projects. It is the best tactic to win this war. Our approach to reconstruction has failed. We must join the reconstruction effort with Intelligence gathering. We must embrace an effective reconstruction program that will bring us closer to our real end-goal, peace.

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