The Ionic Breeze Quadra

If you have airborne allergies, the Ionic Breeze Quadra by Sharper Image is for you!
It’s completely silent, and requires only 12 watts of power to function at it’s highest setting. This electrostatic air cleaner requires no filters, so unlike with hepa filters, once it’s paid for – it’s paid for! With it’s sleek design and color options the Ionic Breeze blends seamlessly into almost any room. Best of all, the Ionic Breeze comes with a 5-year full warranty.

I have terrible allergies, and have tried almost everything to make the air inside my house clean and breathable. I used to use traditional hepa filters to rid the air of allergens, but then a few years ago a friend recommended the Ionic Breeze. Now I wouldn’t trade my Ionic Breeze for anything! I can leave it running all day and all night because it’s completely silent! The only way I can even tell that it’s on is that the ‘on’ light is lit, and of course, the cleaner, fresher air! I don’t have to worry about the effects leaving the Ionic Breeze running all the time will have on the power-bill either, because it uses only 12 watts on it’s highest setting, that’s practically nothing!

One of the problems with hepa filters is that you have to constantly change the filters. I find, the Ionic Breeze works just as well as a hepa filter without the expense of buying new filters, and the hassle of changing them. With the Ionic Breeze, all the maintenace you have to do is clean the collection grid about once a month – and take it from someone who hates cleaning – it’s pretty easy to do! Just slide the collection grid out, wipe it down with a wet paper towel, dry it off, and it’s ready to go! It’s that simple!

Another selling-point for me was how easily the Ionic Breeze blends into rooms. I always hated that to have cleaner air, meant that you were stuck with an eye-sore of an air-filter. The tower design and color options of the Ionic Breeze make unattractive air filters a thing of the past. These fetching filters blend seamlessly into almost any decorating scheme.

The only gripe I have about my ionic Breeze is that in some cases it freshens and cleans the air too well. I’ve always been a fan of incense. When I want to burn some incense, I have to shut off the Ionic Breeze so that it doesn’t clean the scent out of the air! On the other hand, I suppose this feature could be helpful if you live with a smoker. I don’t smoke, but I’m almost positive if someone was smoking while the Ionic Breeze was running, you wouldn’t even be able to smell it! It works that well!

The Ionic Breeze also comes with a 5-year full warranty. As I understand it, Sharper Image’s warranty on the Ionic Breeze is second to none. If you have any problems with your Ionic Breeze you can bring it back to any Sharper Image store, and they will take it – no questions asked. Also, if your unit is still under warrenty and it malfunctions, you will receive a credit from Sharper Image to upgrade to the next best unit. Again, I don’t know this from personal experience as my Ionic Breeze still functions like new 3 years after it was purchased!

On a scale of 1-10 I give the Ionic Breeze a 9. It’s easy to use, works incredibly well and is backed by Sharper Image’s unbeatable warranty. There is a large upfront cost, however I think it’s well worth purchasing, as the product surely pays for itself in saved money on filters and electricity.

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