How to Maintain Clean and Healthy Fingernails

Finger nail infections may cause several diseases which can let you in great trouble, if not treated timely. You do daily chores and several other activities using your hands. However, most of us often ignore the proper maintenance and care of our hands, especially finger nails. We do not realize what harm it will cause in the long run. Several infections in the stomach and mouth are because of finger nail infections. Nails growth depend on gender, age, season .Young are more prone to fungal infection. Healthy nails are the sign of good health.

Symptoms of finger nail infections
Certain white marks will appear on finger nails.

Discoloration of finger nails. Your nails color change to black or yellow because of fungal infections.

Nails skin turns red and there is pain and swelling in the surrounding area of your nail.

Ridges in fingers nails can be hereditary or can be caused by aging, so don’t panic thinking of nail infections.

Harmful effects
Fungus permeates our skin and harms it. Anemia, liver and kidney problems can be side effects of such fungal and bacterial infection of finger nails. And white patches in the nails are its indication.

Respiratory disorder and diabetes problem can be caused by nail infection and yellow finger nails are its indication.
There can be thyroids, hormonal or pulmonary problem due to fungal nail infection. .

Dry nails is a sign of vitamin A deficiency, white bands for protein deficiency and white spots on nail base, is due to zinc deficiency.

Infectious diseases which are caused by finger nail infections are:
Paranychia is bacterial nail infection caused by harmful chemical, and keeping the hands wet, for long time. It can be cured by medical treatment and keeping control over diabetes, nail biting habit, preventing lots of water exposure on hands. Home remedies, like soaking fingernails in antibacterial liquid solution can prevent its growth and it gives great relief.

Causes of finger nail infections are various, as per the life style of an individual, like, keeping your hand soaked in water, chemicals, or harmful detergents for long time, as in case of manicure or while doing house cleaning works like dishwashing.

Acrylic nails are prone to nail fungal infections.

Bad habits of biting the nails are also one of the reasons of bacterial nail infections.

Skin ointments, professional’s recommended antibiotic pills and home remedies, are some of the ways, to fight fungal and bacterial finger nails infections.

Prevent yourself from wrong practice of scratching, which weakens your nails.

Keep your nails shorts and smooth by applying good quality cleanser and moisturizer containing urea.

Don’t use acetone containing nail polish remover as it dries your nails. Always use good quality cleansing and fashion products.

Vertical ridges are due to aging, nail plate injury leads to white spots. Don’t worry in such minor signs they can be healed in time.

Keep the nails clean and trim them properly.

Make sure tools used for manicure and pedicure should be bacteria free.

Cuticle should not be cut from the nails otherwise it will leads to bacterial nail infections.

Wear hand gloves when in garden or doing any house cleaning works.

Let your skin and nails breathe, apply minimum nail polish for healthy glow of your natural nails.

Take multivitamins pills as recommended by doctors. Oral anti-bacterial treatment can cure nail infections.

Some home available materials are useful in treating fungal nail infection
Finger nails infections are common in Americans Fungus permeates the skin and harms it. Nail fungus in its initial stage can be treated at home under the proper guidance, but at the final stage of infections you should consult health professionals. Some of the antifungal drugs are suitable for treatment but causes harmful effects so home remedies are safe, like,
Ointment containing camphor, menthol can be used in treating fungal nail infections..

Vinegar is also very good in treating nail fungal infections.

Regularly applying ointments in the infected area brings good results.

Take good nutritious diets to maintain soft and healthy nails.

Nails reflect health of a person so eat right and stay healthy. Food rich in Vitamin B, proteins, zinc and iron are good for nails.

Prevention is the best solution, and say bye to such deadly diseases and live a healthy life.

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