The Health Benefits of Tea

Research shows that drinking tea benefits health. Tea has antioxidants that help fight cancer and helps fight the natural aging process. Some tea contains vitamin C that helps fight illnesses and colds. Polyphenols found in some tea helps strengthen teeth by reducing plaque. Polyphenols also helps aid digestion by increasing the flow of digestive juices in the stomach. There are many healing properties of tea. Try the following “healthy” teas:

Green Tea: Green tea comes in many different varieties and packs huge nutritional benefits. Green tea varieties, which are the most popular in Asia, include Jasmine Green Tea, Jasmine Dragon Pearl, Green Peony Tea and Roasted Japanese Green Tea. All green tea is high in both nutrients and minerals. After green tea is picked, it is dried using hot air. The tea leaves are then pan fried, but not fermented. When tea is not fermented, it helps preserve the nutrients and vitamins found naturally in tea leaves. Also, green tea contains vitamin C. Vitamin C helps to naturally boast the immune system and promotes overall good health. Fluoride is also found naturally in green tea. This serves to strengthen bones and prevents dental decay.

Oolong Tea: Oolong tea is known for aiding indigestion and by lowering cholesterol levels in the body. Oolong tea is made from large, mature trees and produces a full-bodied taste. The leaves are semi-fermented and after being picked, are left to wither, which removed moisture. Semi-fermentation happens after the leaves are left in the shade. Oolong tea has a pleasant aftertaste and a sweet, but fruity aroma. Some varieties of Oolong tea include Jasmine Oolong Tea, Ice Peak Oolong Tea, Hairy Crab Oolong Tea and Wuyi Rock Tea.

White Tea: White tea is made by using very young tea leaves that are still covered in down. The leaves are not fermented. Instead, they are steamed and dried in the sun. Because of the lack of fermentation, white tea contains a high concentration of polythenols, which are known to help fight cancer. Because the leaves are still downy, the brewed tea has a silver-white appearance. It has a sweet aroma and fresh flavor. White tea varieties include Silver Needle, White Peony, and Jasmine Silver Needle.

Black Tea: Black tea blends are most popular in the Western world and are used in English tea blend. After the leaves are picked, the leaves go through full fermentation that makes the leaves darken to almost black. Black tea can taste different, too. It can be flowery, fruity, and spicy or even have a nutty taste. Black tea, which contains flavoniods, is known for lowering the risk of stroke and helps reduce clotting of the arteries. Black tea varieties include Lichee Black Tea, Rose Black Tea, English Breakfast Black Tea and Earl Grey Black Tea.

Chamomile Tea: Chamomile tea, which is considered a floral tea, has a very aromatic, fruity flavor and is a member of the daisy family. This tea is known for helping aid with toothaches, insomnia, muscle cramps, and can help reduce the swelling of skin irritations.

Rosebud Tea: Rosebud tea is another floral tea. It is made using rosebuds of a rose bush. The tea has a very sweet, floral aroma and a light, sweet taste. Often, rosebud tea is brewed with other types of tea. The essential oils in rosebud tea can help aid circulation.

Kuding Tea: Kuding tea is has a bitter taste and is often used for medicinal purposes rather that the taste. This type of tea has show to help detoxify the body, aid in blood circulation and digestion and with regular consumption has been show to help control blood pressure and obesity.

Chai Tea: Chai Tea, and Indian black tea mix with spices, is the most popular tea in India and Sri Lanka. It is usually brewed with milk and spices, such as cinnamon, cardamom, and ginger. Added with other types of tea, such as green tea helps aid in overall health.

Rooibos Tea: Research has shown that this type of tea, which is grown in Africa, is rich in antioxidants and has a high level of flavonoids. Rooibos Tea is also caffeine-free. This kind of tea has proven to help boost the immune system. Varieties of this tea include Florida Orange Rooibos, Organic Cape Rooibos, Organic Green Rooibos and Organic Green Summer Rooibos

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