The Jotul Wood Stove is Small but Provides Good Heat

The Jotul wood stove is a great stove to heat your home with since it is small yet it can heat large spaces. Space can be saved with a Jotul wood stove since the Jotul is a small size wood stove that is big on heating. A small Jotul wood stove can easily heat a medium size home in a cold climate. The Jotul is designed for maximum heating with limited space. Even if you have a large space to put in a wood stove you will find that the Jotul wood stove is all you really need to heat with wood.

If you are looking for a small wood stove or any size wood stove for that matter then take a good look at the Jotul wood stove. Why get a big spaces taking wood stove when all you need to help heat your home is a small size Jotul wood stove.

With the concern of high heating costs it is easy to think about installing a wood stove to help make fuel bills easier to handle. A small Jotul wood stove can help keep fuel costs down with only taking a small amount of space out of your living area. The Jotul wood stove is made compact yet it is designed for safety in mind. The Jotul wood stove is a very safe wood stove to use.

Since the Jotul wood stove uses wood for fuel you can burn wood from your own land. If you have some dead trees or a wood lot then your fuel source for your Jotul wood stove costs pennies to operate. Wood is still a cheaper fuel source to use to heat your home so even if you need to buy your wood for your Jotul wood stove you still save money.

Wood heat is a warm, cozy, comfortable heat that is inviting to warm up by. A room heated with wood is a comfortable room to relax in. The window in the front of the Jotul wood stove allows you to view the fire for added enjoyment.

It is true that burning wood in your home can be somewhat messy but the money you save and the enjoyment you get from the wood fire is worth the little extra mess that comes with burning wood.

Compared to a fireplace a wood stove is much warmer since the heat does not escape up the chimney as much. The heat from a wood stove goes into the room more then goes up the chimney. You get more heat for your dollar from a wood stove then you do from a fireplace and the Jotul wood stove is designed to give you the most heat it can from the wood it burns.

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