The KitchenAid Model A-9 Coffee Mill is the Cadillac of Coffee Grinders

My KitchenAid Model A-9 Coffee Mill is one of the most enjoyable appliances in my entire kitchen. Although meant to grind coffee beans, I use my KitchenAid Model A-9 Coffee Mill to grind fresh spices as well. The stainless steel grinding burrs are perfect for pulverizing fresh cinnamon to a powered consistency perfect for cinnamon rolls! Coffee beans also grind into a smooth pile of grounds in a matter of seconds. The KitchenAid Model A-9 Coffee Mill offers sixteen different levels of grinding and can grind up to one pound of coffee (or spices) at a time. The KitchenAid Model A-9 Coffee Mill also comes with a cleaning brush perfect for getting all of your ground coffee or spices out of the bean hopper. It is simple and easy to operate. Simply fill the bean hopper with your whole coffee beans or whole spices and press the power button. Grind as long as you wish, but keep in mind that overly ground coffee can become bitter.

My favorite feature about the KitchenAid Model A-9 Coffee Mill is that it is dishwasher safe. Nothing is more simple than taking it apart and throwing it into the dishwasher with the dirty coffee mugs. If you want to grind coffee as well as spices in the same machine be sure to clean thoroughly before switching back and forth. Most people will usually grind only spices or coffee beans in their coffee grinder. They often purchase a second one so they don’t have to pull double duty. You do not want your coffee to have an after taste left over from your freshly ground spices. With the KitchenAid Model A-9 Coffee Mill I have eliminated the need to have two coffee grinders in my small kitchen.

The KitchenAid Model A-9 Coffee Mill also comes with a measuring glass that is perfect for grinding the right amount of beans for a smaller pot of coffee. If you are brewing coffee for on or two people on a regular basis try marking off the correct spot on your measuring glass so that you know how much ground coffee you need daily. Freshly ground coffee beans offer the truest and best tasting fresh brewed coffee. Grind your beans daily for a cup of coffee at home that can rival the coffee house any day.

The KitchenAid Model A-9 Coffee Mill costs about $100. Although this is a slightly hefty price, it will save you money by eliminating the need to buy truly great coffee only at the local Starbucks. It comes with a one-year warranty that begins at the time of purchase. To ensure long life and sharpen the blades of your KitchenAid Model A-9 Coffee Mill you can run rice grains through the coffee grinder. This is also a great way to clean the tiny crevices.

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