How to Add More Iodine to Your Diet

A balanced diet is extremely vital for a healthy living. Deficiency in any particular mineral in your body might cause illness and other disorders. Taking nutrients from organic diet is considered to be the safest and most effective way of remaining healthy and avoiding the side effects of synthetic food supplements. Your diet must contain certain amount of iodine to keep your thyroid healthy. This vital gland produces thyroid hormones in human body and prevents you from falling ill to particular diseases. Normally, commercial food items contain decent amount of iodine but if you are still cautious about maintaining the iodine level in your body, you can opt for certain edibles which are rich in this vital nutrient. Adding few items to your daily regimen will keep your thyroid gland healthy.


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    Most of us get reasonable amount of iodine daily in our food, as this nutrient is added to the table salt and that is why it is written ‘iodized’ on the packets of salt available in the market. This practice of adding iodine to table salt has been started since 1920’s. In the recent years, sea salt has become very popular for cooking food but it has created deficiency of iodine in some individuals. Goiters and other thyroid problems have occurred in many people suffering from deficiency of iodine as sea salt does not consist this nutrient.

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    Kelp is the other food item with rich amount of iodine. It is actually a type of algae which grows in saltwater oceans and provides more than twice the recommended daily allowance of iodine. The other advantage of kelp is that it has very low amount of calories and is recommended for people following a weight lose programme.

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    Dairy products are very rich source of iodine and you should include them in your daily regimen. Low-fat yogurt, milk and cheese can provide you sufficient amount of iodine needed for your thyroid to remain healthy.

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    Saltwater fish contains iodine concentrated in their body tissues. Most of the seafood is rich in iodine, including sea bass, haddock, cod and perch. Even three-ounces of cod can provide almost 66 percent of the daily allowance of iodine for your body.

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    Some soils are very rich in iodine and hence, fruits and vegetables grown in those soils also contain high iodine content. The perfect example of such fruits is strawberries.

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    Eggs, shrimps, navy beans and baked potatoes are the other very rich sources of iodine for your daily regimen.

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