How to Stomp Berries or Grapes for Wine Making

Autumn is time of ripening fruits and berries, as well as the most suitable season for making homemade wine. In addition, cooked wine at home will cost you a lot less expensive than buying it from any store.

The process of making homemade wine is quite long and tedious because you need to stomp berries and grapes for the purpose. However, the result is worth it.

The grape juice is used in the production of wine. Moreover, it is simply delicious and healthy drink. The process takes place under different scenarios given that how you prepare all the ingredients.

Things Required:

– Berries
– Grapes
– Grinder
– Jar
– Container
– Bowl


  • 1

    Prepare raw materials after selecting fresh fruit. Washing fruits before starting the process of making wine is not necessary as their surface contains the necessary material for fermentation.

  • 2

    Crush berries in an enamel pot or squeeze the juice with the juicer. Pour the mixture into a glass bottle, around 2/3 of the desired volume you want to produce. Place the container in a warm place (the temperature should be around 22-24 C) for 4 days. Stir the mixture for 2-3 times during the first two days. At the end of the procedure, thick substance will settle down at the bottom and the juice will rise.

  • 3

    Strain the berry juice through several layers of cheesecloth into an enamel bowl to clear it of pectins because the fermentation of these substances can form toxic methanol. Most fruit sugar content is at 10%, therefore the juice should add about 100-250 g of sugar per 1 litre of liquid. This does not affect the grapes.

  • 4

    Pour the clear juice into a clean container with a narrow neck – oak, glass, and clay can be used during the process. Note that foam will be produced during the fermentation process. Tighten the bowl with a stopper with a hole on top of it so it can release carbon dioxide. Leave the juice at room temperature until the fermentation release bubbles.

  • 5

    Pour the wine gently on glass bottles without shaking the precipitate formed. Now seal the bottle with a natural cork. Leave the wine for at least 3-4 months in a cool dark place with a constant temperature and try to store the bottle in a horizontal position.

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