Product Review: Hardee’s Philly Cheesesteak Monster Thickburger

When you look at the our world of excess and surplus, it’s still striking to find something that just totally outdoes everything to date. Introducing the Philly Cheesesteak Monster Thickburger by Hardee’s; this massive feature is being promoted as the sandwich that serves ‘Meat as a condiment.” Take this measure completely literally; the sandwich is an extreme version of any meat sandwich, piled high with bacon, cheese, a 1/3 lb. beef patty, the classic Hardee’s style steak, and green peppers and onions. The veggies are more for the visual appeal; there’s not a chance they would survive the battle for nutrition with this behemoth.

Adding bacon to a burger is nothing new, but Hardee’s has taken it to paramount levels with the mound of sliced burger meat, sliced steak, and two types of cheese. If you dare find out the nutrition facts on this heart-failure-to-be, here you are: 930 calories, 63 grams of fat (24 grams of which are pure saturated), 52 grams of carbohydrates, and 41 grams of protein. Never mind that the bun and veggies literally disappear from view with the block of meat; it’s still a sandwich, and is priced at $3.99 in most markets.

If you plan to eat this and nothing else all day, you may effectively set yourself up for a day’s worth of energy. Still, with the high make up of just meat protein, this will be a surefire contributor to heart attacks and health-related problems. The Thickburger concept is a mainstay of Hardee’s fast food menu, with other introductions earlier this year. The Philly Cheesesteak is a tribute to the classic Philly-style Steak, and is likely the first fast-food sandwich to stack both ground beef and roast beef in the same offering.

The sandwich itself literally weighs almost Ã?½ a pound; I couldn’t help but place it on the old food scale just to prove its worthiness to make “Monster ” status. Sure enough, it came in at a hefty 7.8 oz, and made me really think about the oncoming taste test. Since I had volunteered to test out this ‘gut-bomb’ as my neighbor called it, I took a few small bites. I don’t eat red meat at all, and this was definitely an experience; the sandwich is full of flavor, but very, very greasy. The appeal of the Philly Cheesesteak Monster Thickburger is geared towards the meat lovers of the world who literally don’t care about nutrition content; let alone the effect of massive amounts of meat-based protein in one sitting.

It’s back (thank goodness) to health-conscious, lively, and vibrant foods for me. I couldn’t take one more bite of this meat overload, and decided to leave it as it was. For those of you who enjoy extreme protein in a super-greasy format, the Philly Cheeseteask Monster Thickburger is waiting at your local Hardee’s! At least take heed of the nutrition facts, and resolve to put in some extra time at the gym before it catches up with you. ‘Meat as a condiment’ is certainly not what the doctor ordered, no matter how hungry you may be; choose a little wisely, and you’ll fare better in the long-run!

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