The Lost and the Found

The Lost & The Found Global Resource Center” (LFGRC) was evolved to provide new. and highlight existing important programs and services, in the volunteer sector, to assist Law Enforcement Agencies in the identification process of the deceased as well as the location of the missing.

Our Main Goal is to provide new and present many available resources in support of already existing organizations in the volunteer sector. As well as assisting in the establishment of new state / local / volunteer unidentified remains and missing persons databases where they are needed.

We will also utilize this site to provide a central location connecting state databases of unidentified / missing persons together with volunteer efforts and other available resources.

It is important to encourage communication and information exchange between people who care to effect a positive change.

LFGRC looks at each case as important. Older cases often go “cold” and become forgotten in main stream media. Sometimes even more recent cases tend to quickly grow cold due to a lack of evidence.

We have seen in recent years the impact media coverage can have on a case and we want the same exposure for the cases that need it the most; the cases with few or no recent leads for law enforcement to follow up on; the cases were potential witnesses or those with information are now in a situation where they feel safe to speak up; the cases that have left families with no answers for so long.

Without new information and leads coming in, law enforcement is often left with a case where every lead has been followed up on, every possible scenario has been thought of, but they lack crucial information to put the puzzle together. Keeping these cases current by publishing them in the media, holding memorials and continue with information distribution can bring that final puzzle piece to law enforcement that they need to final get the answer.

LFGRC will support the efforts of groups, organizations, law enforcement and families to help keep these older cases fresh. We will help get the case information to as many people as possible via the internet, press releases and we will help generate renewed media interest…

With this continued publicity and information distribution, cases once considered “cold” will get new leads and a fresh look. It is possible to find scattered pieces of informatuion that can indeed become valuable evidence to solve a Cold Case”.

“…there is nothing covered, that shall not be revealed; and hid, that shall not be known.”
– Matthew 10:26 –

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