The Magnificent Mr. Clean Magic Eraser by Procter and Gamble

Originally, curiosity led me to buy the Mr. Clean Magic EraserâÂ?¢ made by Procter and Gamble. I didn’t read the directions at all the first time I brought them home and for the life of me, I couldn’t figure out what the “magic” part was of the piece. It didn’t really even work. See, the first time I didn’t dampen it with water. For the Magic EraserâÂ?¢ to work you need to run it under cold or hot water before using it.

The Magic EraserâÂ?¢ is a cleaning must have which may surprise you as it did me! I first tested it on my all-white apartment counter-tops which show every speck of dirt. I started out in the same fashion I would normally clean, minus the spray cleaner and paper towels, but this time I was shocked. In fact, a couple of marks which I thought were stains completely disappeared! Next, I moved to the stainless steel sink and easily removed the dried piece of angel hair pasta from Tuesday’s dinner. OK, where else will this work? Those dingy faucets? Needless to say, I continued this process but in my cleaning frenzy my rubber soled shoes left a skid mark on the linoleum. Quickly, I just rinsed the Magic EraserâÂ?¢, and with one swipe, instantly removed the scuff. I was starting to wonder what you can’t clean with this product.

The Magic EraserâÂ?¢ is the epitome of user-friendly. Just dampen the eraser and to get the best results, wipe the area back and forth in straight lines. This will keep you from missing spots as it’s easy to do when recklessly wiping in circles. Follow up by drying the area in the same way it was wiped down, and you’ll notice a wonderful shine. Store the Magic EraserâÂ?¢ as you would a simple sponge and consider the job done.

It’s easier to say where not to use a Magic EraserâÂ?¢ than all the places you can. Any surface which is porous (such as wood), bumpy rubber products, and mirrors are areas to avoid. Other than that, if in question, just test a small area and then go for it. Linoleum, stainless steel, enamel, counter-tops, plastics, brass fixtures, and vinyl are just a couple of materials I haved great success using it on.

Because of the versatility of the Magic EraserâÂ?¢, you can even save money over and above the cost of the product. My favorite large cleaning project using the Magic EraserâÂ?¢ was a 10 year old refrigerator which hadn’t ever been cleaned. By the time I was done with it we could hardly believe it was the same appliance. I only used two erasers to do the fridge and one for the freezer and the outside. For just over $3.00 it felt as if we had a brand new fridge. Not to mention all of the cleaning sprays and paper towels I saved money on.

For people who enjoy cleaning (and even those who don’t) not only is the Magic EraserâÂ?¢ fun to use but even better when you remember that you’re ultimately saving time and money. You’re protecting you and your family from cleaning sprays and harmful chemicals while doing everyday cleaning. And, you’ll even save your arms from not having to put “elbow grease” into your household chores.

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