The Many Uses of Suavitel Dryer Sheets: Field Flowers Scent

And We Thought That We Only Use Dryer Sheets In The Dryer.

I can personally assure you that I have tried all of these tips myself and they really do work.

Place a new sheet of Suavitel inside of all of your photo albums and prevent that musty smell.

This also works great for all of your books that do not get read very often. Place a few dryer sheets between the pages.

Clean the screen on your computer with a used sheet of Suavitel and the static electricity will be gone.

Since dryer sheets are designed to help eliminate static cling, wipe off your television screen with a used sheet of Suavitel. This will also help the dust to not settle as often.

You can even keep all the closets inside of your home smelling fresh and clean. Toss a few in and lay them on a shelf or hang them around in your closet.

Place two sheets of Suavitel into your vacuum cleaner bag. Replace after each use.

Before you store your pieces of luggage toss a few sheets into each one and this will prevent the buildup of that musty smell.

Got a stinky car? Place two or three sheets of Suavitel underneath the seats and step into freshness.

Suavitel dryer sheets work wonders to cut down on odors in the garbage can. Toss one inside before you place the bag back in.

Does you dog smell like a dog? Rub a few of Suavitel unused dryer sheets over their fur and they will smell sunny fresh. This will also help reduce static electricity in the fur and add softness.

Does you cat’s hair stand up on end from static electricity? Rub the fur using a new sheet of Suavitel. The fur will be even softer as well.

Wipe down the blinds on your windows with a few sheets of Suavitel and this will take the static out and this also helps the dust to accumulate less often.

Place one new sheet of Suavitel inside each dresser drawer and keep your panties, bras and socks smelling fresher.

I also grab a few new sheets of Suavitel to do the dusting in my house of all of my furniture. It works great. The dust clings to the sheets and does not fly around everywhere as it does with a regular duster.

Eliminate odors from the dirty laundry. Place one sheet of Suavitel at the bottom of your laundry hamper.

Do your sneakers smell so bad even the dog puts his nose up into the air? Place a sheet of Suavitel inside of the sneakers and leave them in overnight.

If your hair has static electricity in it, take one new sheet of Suavitel and rub in through your hair and poof the static is gone. Plus your hair smells yummy too.

Before you store items such as a sleeping bag, quilts or even blankets, you can toss a few dryer sheets in with them and help prevent them from getting that musty odor smell.

Every time your dog comes in from being outside wipe him down with a new sheet of Suavitel. I do this on my own dog and he never has that doggy smell to him.

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