The Melon Sword: Popular Freshwater Plant

The Melon Sword is a very popular freshwater plant. A lot of people purchase freshwater plants because they remove certain chemicals from your water. They also work well for decoration and they are not very expensive. These plants usually cost less than five dollars and they work well to hide your fish. Fish need a lot of different hiding places and these plants work very well to provide them with cover. The Melon Sword is also very easy to care for as long as you have a good light on your freshwater tank. You can purchase replacement bulbs that are higher wattage to keep the freshwater plants alive.

You will want to keep the temperature if your tank around 70 to 80 degrees. You will not want to place the tank near any windows because the tank can heat up through out the day. You will also want to place a heater in the tank to make sure that the water does not drop below 70 degrees. As long as you keep the temperature at the right level and you have a decent powered light you will do fine when it comes to keeping the Melon Sword Plant alive. If you do not know what one looks like the plant has perfectly oval shaped leaves and can be purchased from any local pet store such as Petland or Petco.

This plant will often reach over two feet in length. This means that the plant will often times hang out of your freshwater tank. If you do not want a plant that will hang out of the fish tank than this plant is not for you. You will want to purchase a plant which grows along the length of your tank instead of upwards in your freshwater tank. You will want to purchase something for your tank which will lower your ph down. These plants do not like being in freshwater tanks with a high ph.

You will also want to purchase different types of fertilizer that you can place in the substrate. This will help your plant grow and it will get very large. This plant will often times come in different shades of green and dark red as well. Once you see a plant starting to grow off of the side of the plant you will want to split the root apart from the rest of the plant and plant the new section of the plant somewhere else. If you don’t have at least a 55 gallon tank it’s probably not a good idea to purchase this plant because of how large it gets.

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