An Organized Life and Home – Top Tips

Often, it is our own thinking and procrastination that are the obstructions to an organized life and home. Are you putting off big organizaitonal projects? Are you sitting amongst clutter because you just can’t get your mind around it all? Follow these quick tips to keep that clutter at bay!

Obstacle Thinking #1 : I’d be organized if I only had more time.

Actually, most experts advise that you tackle organization projects in blocks of 2 hours at a time. Any less and you’re not making visual progress and any more you walk the line into fatigue and sloppiness. After all, everyone has a life to lead, work to do, friends to see and family activities. There is no perfect time to start. The key is just to dive in while the rest of your life is still going on. Then with continuous commitment, you’ll achieve big results. Ultimately this will give you back your time and then some!

So pick a day, after breakfast fresh in the morning or after dinner as you’re winding down, take just 2 hours to dig into an organizing project and then put it on “pause” until the next organizational appointment.

Obstacle Thinking #2 : Each season brings even more organizational woes

Yes, just about the time you get the laundry under control and the closet neat and tidy, it’s time to switch to an alternate season. Before dragging out your bags and boxes, try these quick tips:

Before storing one season of clothing and taking out another, take a few minutes to review and donate any items you are no longer using.

#1 – At the beginning of each season, turn all your hangers backwards on the rod, so that the hanger hook is facing you. When that season is over, anything you haven’t worn will still be facing the wrong way and you’ll easily see what is ready to be donated!
#2 – Place a large bag inside the closet, as you try on clothes throughout the year, simply toss any that don’t fit or are outdated into the bag. At the end of each season, you’ll have a properly “weeded” wardrobe and are ready for donation without any effort at all!

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