Types of Decking Material to Consider

These days, decking material is available in more varieties than standard treated lumber, and choosing a deck means more than choosing the size or shape of the deck. For those considering building a deck or having a deck built, there are many types of decking material to consider. A deck is a big investment, and a deck can add a considerable amount of value and appeal to a home. When choosing decking material, not only should you consider the type of decking material you want, you should also consider how long that decking material will last as well as the maintenance that decking material requires. Choosing the right decking material will help ensure the decking material for your home is a wise investment.

Pressure-Treated Pine

Decks made from pressure-treated pine will last for many years if the material is properly cared for, but no matter how often a pressure-treated pine deck is sealed, pressure treated lumber can still warp. Wood taken from older pine trees and used for decking material is less likely to warp, but where there is a high demand for pine and decking material, younger trees are often used to make pressure-treated lumber. Younger trees aren’t as solid and often contain more knots that make pressure-treated pine weaker. Even still, decking material made from pressure-treated lumber is a good investment. Dollar for dollar, decking material made with pressure-treated lumber will provide many years of outdoor luxury and beauty.

Wood Composites

Wood composite is often used for decking material, and this popular decking material option is a unique combination of wood fiber and vinyl. More and more decks are being made from this innovative decking material, and it’s no wonder why. Wood fiber makes this type of decking material exceptional decking material. Wood composite decking material is strong and provides realistic wood texture, and vinyl makes this decking material extremely easy to care for. Wood composite decking material is even more appealing because this decking material won’t warp, shrink, or split the way pressure-treated lumber does. Although wood composite decking material is more expensive than pressure-treated lumber, it’s well worth the cost. Wood composite decking material will more than likely outlast solid wood decking material. If wood composite decking material is within your budget, it’s an excellent choice for any outdoor deck.

Carefree Vinyl

Carefree vinyl decking material is also designed to look like real wood, and the texture of this fantastic decking material is similar to wood composite decking material. Carefree vinyl decking material is truly carefree, and much in the same way vinyl siding requires minimal care. Vinyl decking material is easy to clean, and it’s available in a wide range of colors and shades. Many people prefer vinyl decking material over pressure-treated wood or wood composite decking material because it doesn’t fade or become uncomfortably hot in direct sunlight. Choose carefree vinyl if you want decking material that will stay looking as beautiful as it was the day it was new for many years to come.

Exotic Wood

Exotic wood decking material is a fantastic choice for those who can afford the luxury this decking material provides. Although exotic wood still requires treating to prevent discoloration and water damage, exotic wood decking material is gouge resistant and very hard compared to pressure-treated pine. Exotic wood is usually imported from South America, and this is why the price is considerably more than other decking material options. If you want to make a dramatic statement and own a deck that is sure to impress, exotic wood decking material is a fantastic choice.

Stone Decking Material

Did you know stone decking material is available for those who want to add the look of stone to their outdoor deck? Stone decking material looks amazing, and although stone decking squares aren’t very thick, this decking material is extremely durable. Stone decking material is by far the most unique, and it looks exceptionally rich. Stone decking material makes a deck look like a million bucks, and those who choose this decking material for the floor of their decks are glad they did. If you want decking material that will add a considerable amount of value and appeal to your home, choose stone decking material. Stone decking material is the wave of the future, and you can have the future of decking material for your new deck right now.

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