How to Clean the Inside of Your Computer for Dust

Although most people wouldn’t think to consider this tip, cleaning the inside of your computer by opening the case is a really good way to keeping your computer in good shape. Dust can be just as deadly as a virus if left untreated. Think of it this way your computer case starts off with a little dust (no big deal) but over time this dust begins to multiply and slowly begins to fill up your case. Before you know it this harmless dust is covering your ventilation making it impossible for the hot air to be released. This causes the heat to stay inside of your computer making your processer over heat which down the road will slower performance which will lead to it becoming fried like an egg.

This is almost exactly how a virus works. First, the one virus gets into your system without your knowing, but your system is still in good shape so you don’t have anything to worry about. Next, this virus multiplies causing more and more system errors, catching you off guard about what is happening. By the time your able to detect these viruses (or dust) your system is already in critical condition and your unable to do anything about it besides thinking “If I had only did this”. Now instead of taking a few minutes to dust and clean your case (or remove viruses from computer when they first appeared) your having to find a way to make money to buy a whole new computer.

Look at it this way, if dust collects in your computers fans then your fans are going to get slower and at the same time become less efficient. Over time these fans get so bad they cause various parts of your computer to overheat from not properly ventilating the area causing more wear and tear. This will eventually lead to your computer getting slower and slower until finally one day it shuts down never to work again. By using a duster or a small cloth to clean this dust away you will in the long run make your system run smoother,faster,and longer. This is one way to make sure your computer stays cool which in turn will reward you with better speeds as well as a longer lifespan of your system.One thing to remember is to unplug all cords from your computer before you decide to clean the inside of the system to prevent your chances of electrocution.

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