Tips for Cleaning Your Shower Curtain

Have you ever had the unfortunate experience of waiting too long to clean your shower curtain and then having it brush against your leg while you are showering? Gross! I only had that happen once and I learned my lesson. There is nothing grosser than a slimy, dirty shower curtain sticking to your leg to really make you sit up and take notice and start regularly cleaning it.

It is an unfortunate fact of life that because your shower curtain resides where it is wet and steamy and is exposed to soap scum and other build up it will need cleaning to keep it in good shape. Fortunately, cleaning your shower curtain isn’t difficult. Before you throw away your old shower curtain in favor of a new one, check out these tips on how to clean a shower curtain.

Every type of shower curtain – plastic, fabric or vinyl – can be put into your washing machine to clean it. Run the washing machine on warm (not hot since it can melt plastic shower curtains) and use a cup of baking soda instead of laundry detergent. Allow the shower curtain to run through the full washing cycle and then remove it to hang it dry. When you remove your shower curtain from the washing machine it may be full of wrinkles, so try to smooth these out as best you can before it dries. Any wrinkles that are leftover in the curtain should hang out when the steam from your next shower hits them.

Before hanging the shower curtain back up, soak it in a mild solution of vinegar mixed with water. Soaking it in vinegar will actually help prevent mold and mildew from growing on it which can make cleaning it easier. If your shower curtain is already covered with mold or mildew, use bleach and water on it and scrub away any mold or mildew with a soft bristled brush before placing it in the washing machine.

Once you are done cleaning your shower curtain and soaking it in vinegar, hang it back up and allow it to dry. To help keep it clean and lengthen the time you can go between cleanings, never leave your shower curtain open after you are done showering. When the shower curtain is open the folds of the fabric can trap water and encourage the growth of mold and mildew. Instead, pull your shower curtain closed so that the fabric hangs straight without folds when you are done showering and allow it to dry. You can open it again after all of the water has dried from the surface of the shower curtain.

Taking the time to clean and care for your shower curtain can help to extend its life and can also help to keep your bathtub or shower feeling clean and fresh.

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