Home Improvement: Garage Security Ideas

A nice home improvement project to consider is one that protects your family from harm. With our rapidly rising costs in gasoline and necessities, crimes are on the rise. October is National Crime Prevention Month, and all thoughts are turning towards our home and garage improvement security issues. Does your garage have proper security?

Home improvement garage security ideas:

Garage home improvement security projects make sense. This room of the house is often the one that has the most expensive items stored in it. Many of these items are also easily carried away by any burglar who gains access. If the garage has windows, make sure that they are covered in curtains or painted over so that nothing can be seen from the outside. Home improvement ideas do not have to cost a lot of money to be beneficial.

Extra gasoline that is stored inside of a storage building can be an expensive investment. A quick way to safe-guard a gasoline investment is to chain the storage containers to the wall. Chaining containers to each other also makes them hard to simply walk away with. Don’t make the mistake of leaving bolt cutters in plain sight after doing this quick home improvement project.

People with workshops that have tools displayed, may want to rethink their game-plan. One curious teenage burglar can walk away with hundreds or thousands of dollars in small eBay sale-worthy items without breaking a sweat. An inexpensive home improvement idea that is becoming increasingly popular is to store the tools inside of locked toolboxes that go inside of a double padlocked non-working chest freezer.

If the home has an entry door attached to the garage, consider replacing it with a front door security-minded model. This door to the house is normally the easiest for burglars to gain entry with. After gaining access to the outside building, a burglar can work at getting this house door open without being seen. Add one or two deadbolt locks to this door and always keep them locked. This door should not have a window on it that can be broken.

How to change garage door security codes:

This little improvement to your safety routine is easy to do. To change the automatic access security system codes, just open the control box. Inside of the box will be levers that flip back and forth. These levers set the lock codes. Flip the levers into a different pattern, and try the opener while the box is still open until the new code works. Garage security codes should be changed every few weeks to stop outsiders from working over a period of time to crack the lock codes.

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