Organize the Clutter in Your Home

Organizing clutter in your home can seem overwhelming once it has taken over. Clutter does not mean that your home is dirty, but it may feel like it is taking over your life. Going into different rooms and seeing things everywhere can make you feel as if things are taking over, but there is a way to fix the clutter problem in your home. I will not say that is will be easy to do, and it will take time but it will be worth the effort.

Begin by making a plan of action for organizing clutter in your home. I recommend making a small map of your home with all of the rooms marked in order of least cluttered to worse. Beginning with the least cluttered room first may help you get motivated and not get the feeling of defeat.

Next, gather four boxes and place them on the outside of the first room. Use a box (or a bag) for trash, sell, keep, and things that belong in other areas of the home. These boxes will save you time and prevent you from running around your home putting things away. You may need additional boxes as you go, but four is a good start. The only box I recommend emptying when it is full would be the one that has things that belong in other rooms.

Now begin at the left side of the room and work around. Go through everything including drawers, cabinets, and closets. To truly organize the clutter in the rooms you need to do a thorough job of getting things together or getting rid of it.

Continue this process until you have organized the clutter in each room of your home. Remember to include all hall closets, linen closets, basement and attic.

Once you organize the clutter in your home plan a yard sale. You can sell things that you no longer needed to make money for your time that you spent on organizing the clutter in your home.

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