Three Ideas for Enhancing Your Existing Outdoor Privacy

Looking to add the element of privacy to your home so that you can enjoy the beauty of the landscaping job you did on your front, back or side yard? Integrating privacy into the outdoor experience of your home can be done through a variety of means, but once you have completed those means, you may still be left with a bit less privacy than you desire. Complementing the existing sense of solitude in your yard can raise the level to the next degree in which you finally achieve the dream: no longer experiencing the feeling of prying eyes peering around the corner into your activities in a manner ill-fitting your rights.

Thorny Shrubs

If you’ve got the privacy fence in place, but are still experiencing the unpleasantness of stray animals, kids or nosy neighbors looking for fodder for gossip, enhance your home’s secluded status by planting a small hedge of thorny shrubs. To achieve an aesthetic appeal to go with its more utilitarian nature, rose shrubs are an excellent choice. The problem with choosing roses for their pointy subtext is that the very same aesthetic appeal is likely to be a draw to outsiders. A better choice may therefore be yuccas although, in reality, any landscaping shrub with a thorny edge to its aestheticism will do the job of turning back unwanted visitors who may still be able to get too close to your existing privacy setting.


Remember when you thought that you would save some money on privacy by buying a fence only half the height of an actual privacy fence? Maybe you had fewer neighbors around you or maybe the nicer neighbors moved away. Whatever the reason, you can save money by investing in a trellis rather than tearing down the smaller fence and putting up a regular-sized privacy replacement. Affixing a small trellis to the top of an existing fence and then allowing vines to creep their way to enhanced privacy above and beyond the fence below. Not only is this approach effective, but the result may well be far more beautiful than even your dream privacy fence.


A carefully placed evergreen tree can do wonders for enhancing existing privacy measures that over time have been corrupted by the arrival of eyes in the sky. The broad reach of flowering evergreen can envelope you within its canopy of confidentiality in a way that offers enhanced privacy from those above you. The planting of an evergreen is a good way to combat the arrival of a new building rising next to yours that offers more stories. Any kind of full-bodied shade tree is an effective addition to the architecture of your outdoor privacy plans when you suddenly find yourself the target of unwanted attention from those living in quarters that overlook your own. Examples to consider range from the good old Christmas tree shape and smell of a Douglas Fir to the majesty of the Golden Wonder Senna.

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