The Myths of Homosexuality

Stereotypes are created to judge people, or maybe just made out of ignorance. One thing for sure is that when people make stereotypes on others it can create hatred or perpetuate fear as well. That is why the following Myths or Stereotypes about homosexuals are not true, and that is why they are labeled myths. Here are a list of comments that people may use to judge homosexuals, and by reading them you will know how ridiculous they actually sound.

Myth #1 Gay and Lesbian people don’t have long lasting, loving, couple relationships

One thing that has to be said before anything else is that most heterosexuals have a hard time having long lasting relationships as well. Just because homosexuals are in same sex relationships doesn’t mean they can’t have loving long lasting ones. Not to say that homosexuals can’t have bad relationships as well because they could. The point is no matter if your homosexual or heterosexual depending on the relationship is could turn out to be a good one or bad one. It really depends on the people and characteristics of the couple and not sexual orientation.

Myth #2 Gays and Lesbians have to recruit because they can’t have kids

This myth is hilarious because it definitely doesn’t make any sense. The term recruit makes me think of the military. Do you really think homosexuals go around with applications asking people to join the Homosexual team? Heterosexuals don’t recruit so why would anyone thing homosexuals recruit. Being heterosexual or homosexual is choice a person makes themselves. As for the “can’t have kids” part, in our generation technology is so advance that anyone no matter who they could have children. There’s the sperm bank, surrogate mothers, adoption agencies, and other creative ways to make children. So believe me even if your gay, lesbian, bisexual, or straight you can have kids if you really want to.

Myth #3 Women become lesbians because they have had “bad” experience with men

Let me say this, my mother has had plenty of bad experiences with my father but she’s not running off with some other women. She overcomes her experiences and moves on, and, by the way she’s still married to my dad. Anyways, if every heterosexual woman that had bad experiences with men turned into lesbians then there would be a great shortage of straight women to go around. Women that are lesbians usually have had good experiences with women then having bad experiences with men. They just prefer women instead.

Myth #4 Gay men are girly and Lesbians look like guys

This stereotype is ridiculous to even think about. However there may be some gay that may be more flamboyant and some Lesbians may be more masculine but people have all different kinds of personalities no matter what sexual orientation they are. There are many men who identify as gay and are very masculine and there are also many lesbians who are very feminine, but you also have to consider the opposite. There are heterosexual males that are flamboyant, and females that are tomboyish. This proves that just because someone has a certain personality or appearance doesn’t determine their sexual orientation.

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