The Naked Mole-Rat

What is a naked mole-rat?

With its pinkish/grey skin, wrinkle rolls, and miscellanies hairs sticking off its body, the naked mole-rat can be a rather disturbing creature to look at. Although, some people find odd looking creatures rather cute, interesting, amazing, and if this is you then the naked mole-rat is for you. The naked mole-rat has two huge teeth sticking from its mouth overlapping it bottom jaw (the two teeth are both pushed together forming what looks like one giant tooth.) Naked mole-rats have beady little black eyes and tiny ears, so it almost looks like it doesn’t have any. The naked mole-rat is rather difficult to find, because they’re not located in the average pet store. The naked mole-rat is not among the popular pets, and I don’t think it will ever be.

The naked mole-rat spends almost its entire life buried deep beneath the dirt in tunnels. The naked mole-rat is native to Africa, where it digs underneath the ground for survival. Naked mole-rats dig to look for plant roots and other food sources like tubers (its main food source), and also to escape from the jaws of the snake. The naked mole-rat’s only sources of defence are its claws and over grown buck-teeth.

Naked mole-rats only reach a maximum size of 3 inches in length, but don’t be fooled by its size; you’re still going to get an eye full of it physical appearance. Despite its name, the naked mole-rat is neither related to the mole or the rat. The naked mole-rat is closely related to the chinchilla, guinea pig, and hedgehog. Its name came from its appearance of a rat like body and the inheritance to dig beneath the ground like a mole. Mole-rats only live to be about 3 years of age.

The naked mole-rat is just like ants, bees, and termites. They live underground in big groups and socialize with one another all the time. The naked mole-rat comes out from under the ground sometimes to gather food and water if they can’t find any underground. The naked mole-rat communicates with other mole-rats by honks and squeaks. The naked mole-rat is a non-venomous animal, just a creepy one, but it would probably bite you if you found one in the wild. A naked mole-rat colony can contain 20-300 mole-rats. Naked mole-rats live in a huge tunnel they dig out underground.

The female naked mole-rat can give birth to a litter up to 100 pups (baby naked mole-rats.) The pups usually do not start socializing with other until about 8 weeks of age. The naked mole-rat is a mammal so it gives live birth, has fur (or at least some fur), and feeds it children with milk the mother produces, breaths are, and are warm blooded. The mother will continue feeding her young milk until they are old enough to find food on their own. Even when pups, the naked mole-rats have the instinct of staying underground and out of the day light, but the naked mole-rat will come out from underground during night time to find food and/or get a drink.

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