The Newest Wave of Ear Sanitation: Bad Sounds by Kevin Federline, Ashlee & Jessica Simpson and Justin Timberflake

Kevin Federline, Ashlee & Jessica Simpson, and Justin Timberflake represent this new wave of ear sanitation for innocent listeners across the globe. As the stage gets lower, and our expectations of muscial artistry become more desensitized, it’s becoming an understatement when you hear people say ” You don’t need talent to make it”.

If producers continue to take millions from talentless (unfunky ufo’s) this lowers the stage for the concert goer to become the concert. Karaoke has its place, but its not on the same stages that people pay 75 bucks or more to sit in front of. If producers continue the same half-witted politics that allow half-talents to purchase radio time, the listener will inevitably get the green weenie in the ear hole.

No dinner, no hug, no kiss, not so much as a romantic lie, just the greeeeeeeen wooden weenie. No lube either, and this means splinters in your ears every time you hear a song you could have done yourself. When they present these artists in front of you, they’re calling you stupid in a language that goes beyond words or speech. No one wants to come out and say it because of the reverse psychology known as player hating, but going from James Brown, and Marvin Gaye to Poof Daddy is a step down.

People arent stupid so why dumb-down a sound to reach more of them??

Keep in mind also that the same artists and industry heads that destroy music are transitioning into film roles, fragrance, clothing lines, but the thing I’m trying to figure out is this. If you dont really have a solid grip on music, how are you going to dominate anything else if music is your entrance into show biz????

Not all new artists suck booty in my humble opinion but if your a listener, use this time to go back and buy real music worth keeping.

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