The Perfect Freshwater Aquarium

A fish owner, you have the responsibility to create and maintain an ideal environment for your pet, and there are a few easy steps you can follow to do this.

Choosing a good tank:

Fish require enough space to swim and sufficient oxygen to live, both of which are controlled by the size of the tank. The number of fish you can keep in a tank depends on the surface area of the tank. To determine this, multiply the length of the tank by its width. This number will tell you the surface area in inches. Most fish keepers agree that one inch of freshwater fish needs 30 square inches of surface area.

A glass tank with silicon, rubber cement sealant is ideal. Glass does not scratch as easily as other surfaces, and glass tanks are generally designed with the purpose of housing living creatures, thereby making them non-toxic and the ideal environment for your fish. Be sure to purchase a tank that is not scratched and check for leaks before you create the habitat for your fish.

Placement of the tank:

Avoid direct sunlight when choosing a spot for your freshwater tank. Sunlight will affect the heat and algae growth within the tank. It is also a good idea to place the tank in an area of higher traffic through your home. This will help the fish become accustomed to people leaving and entering the room, thus making them less skittish around people.

Tank Stand:

It is also important to remember that water weighs 8.4 pounds per gallon. A 25 gallon tank will weigh 210 pounds. It is important to have adequate support for the tank. Choosing its location is important because once the tank is filled, it will be much more difficult to move.

Tank Hood:

There are several reasons that it is important to have a tank hood or cover. For one, it keeps your fish inside your tank, as they are quite capable of jumping out of the tank. Secondly, it keeps unwanted objects from falling into the tank, thus disrupting the fish’s environment. It also slows the evaporation rate of the water inside the tank, and prevents water from splashing onto nearby walls. In addition to these, the cover helps retain the heat of the water. It is ideal to purchase an aquarium that comes with a cover that is built to fit with the tank perfectly.

Choosing a tank for your fish is as important as choosing the fish themselves. To ensure a long and healthy life for your pet, do your best to provide the ideal living environment for them.

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