The Pros and Cons of Laser Check Printers

Pros and cons, everything has them these days. Long gone are the days when something is just plain “good”. Society has given consumers so much choice that one has to weed through all of the details in order to make the right choices. Laser Check Printers, which are generally used for business purposes or home offices, are no exception to the pros and cons rule.

Laser Check Printers use a photosensitive drum or belt charged by an electrostatic charge where a laser beam touches it in order to work. The laser check printer basically works by melting toner on to the paper. This type of technology works better than traditional printers for many reasons, however there are some pitfalls to using laser check printers as well. So what are the pros and cons of using laser check printers? Here are just a few to consider.


* High quality printing: Laser check printers have great quality of text and graphics. The graphics are usually clean and the printing is very neat leading to a very professional looking print job.

* Faster printing: Laser check printers print extremely fast. If your payroll is large your laser check printer will handle the job efficiently and quickly.

Cartridges: Laser check printers use toner instead of ink. Toner lasts longer than ink so having to worry about purchasing that new cartridges every 500-1000 copies is no longer an issue.


More expensive: Laser check printers are more expensive than other regular ink printers. You can get a regular printer for under $100 but you’ll pay $500 for an inexpensive laser check printer.

Bulky: Laser check printers are large because of the way they operate. This isn’t the printer that you’ll sit the book shelf beside your desk; it will need its space.

Heavy: Laser check printers are heavy so moving them around when you get the whim to change the home office around isn’t going to work well.

Coast of replacing cartridges: Cartridges for a laser check printer are extremely expensive. Granted you don’t have to change the cartridges as much as those ink counterparts however when you do replace those laser check cartridges expect to spend a little money.

Laser check printers are just like any other form of technology and they are changing constantly. It is important to research the pros and cons of which ever laser check printer you are considering purchasing.

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