The Quick and Easy Way to Be on T.V

So you want to be on t.v.? Fine, but do you really have what it takes to be the next Julia Roberts or Brad Pitt? Too many people show up at auditions totally unprepared for what they will be dealing with, mainly because newcomers have not one clue as to what they should do, and not do. A typical audition can be blown in a matter of minutes just by attempting to prove that you have star power talent when in fact you may not have one ounce of acting skills in your bones. You should treat an audition like its a job interview and act accordingly.

After all you are probably just one person in a thousand trying out for the part, and this is your defining moment to shine above the rest. No matter if you are a born actor or took some acting classes in high school, everyone starts out from scratch, with nothing but a resume and a few pictures. The best way to prepare for an audition is by studying, and doing a little bit of research on the part you are auditioning for. If the part calls for dancing, then take a dance class. Most directors and producers are looking for actors that have more than one talent, especially one with a brand-new face.

Fortunately casting directors aren’t looking for people cut from a cookie cutter mold, no, they want versatility, and various aged people that come from different ethnic backgrounds, but they do tend to look for actors through agents, and because of this you will need to put together a portfolio with some head shots, as well as a five minute demo portraying your talents. You don’t necessarily need formal training to act, but some courses on acting wouldn’t hurt either.

These courses will usually have a list of casting calls for actors that are ready to jump in and get their feet wet. Most actors start out by being extra’s in movies, which can pay anywhere from $3,000 to $15,000 on average or they appear in national commercials which also pays well into the thousands for one day of hard work.

It helps to know where to look for a good agent, and http: // is a good place to start. It lists many talent agencies from twenty-seven states in the U.S.

MTV is consistently looking for actors to fill various slots on their programs. They continually update their site with new casting calls, and they seem to be relatively easy to deal with. They are looking for VJ’s, college students, car lovers, and someone that is willing to walk in another persons shoes by living their life. You can check out all of their casting calls by going too http: //

Another great site for actors just starting out is http: // They offer many free services, including registration, and once you have registered you can upload your picture and resume. The site also lists casting calls from 10 minute short films to cover girls, and plus sized models for catalog work.

Are soap operas your thing? If you said yes, then what are you waiting for? You can submit your resume straight to the big guys, and here is how:

Bold & Beautiful-CBS
Bell Phillip TV Productions
Submit pictures’ & resume to Christy Dooley c/o CBS

Days of Our Lives
Corday Productions
Submit pictures’ & resume to:
Linda Poindexter
3400 Riverside Drive, suite 767
Burbank, Ca. 91505

All My Children – ABC
ABC-TV 320 West 66th Street
New York, NY 10023

Central Casting has a huge list of parts and casting calls. They are currently looking for people for they’re up and coming reality show which premiers in October. For more information just call or submit your pictures & resume to:

Central Casting
220 South Flower Street
Burbank, Ca. 91502

Another great site is http: // which gives you the heads up on exactly what they are looking for on each movie or project. Some of the casting calls are open to the public, while others require you to register. The site offers an EMFGOLD membership for as little as $10.00 per month where you can get insider tips on casting calls and audition submission information.

Some of the biggest stars started out at mainly due to the success rate of their registered clients. They offer everything from commercials, theater, modeling and films to potential clients looking to get their big break. Its a great place to start, and once you are registered you will have access to all of their casting calls. They do charge a nominal fee of $9.95 per month, so what are you waiting for?

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