The Race is On: On-line Sports Betting

Do you feel the itch to play the ponies but find that you’re too far from the track? Perhaps weather is an issue preventing you from your favorite sports venue. Ever had the desire to check out a racetrack in Australia or South America? Maybe you’re a beginner not quite comfortable with racing terms or betting methods. Or, you just don’t want to leave the comforts of home.

If this is the case, consider online betting. This extraordinary service is available at your fingertips, merely a click away from excitement.

This is the real thing, folks. Gone are the days of stop-action photos and jerky video. Thoroughbred horse races are broadcast live via satellite as a stream of pictures. You are availed an unobstructed view as the animated announcer barks out neck and neck battles at every length. Just try to stay in your seat as they round the last turn-your long shot bet crossing the finish line by a nose!

Online betting services such as:,, or specialize in thoroughbred horse racing. Perhaps your passion is harness races or the excitement of ponies running on turf. These Web sites allow you to search for any race that suits your desires.

Most of these online services also include live track transmission so that you may view the horses warming up, at the paddock for pre-bet assessment, even the post parade strut.

Although these online betting services have done their utmost to provide you with an experience as close to real as possible, the quality of which you view the action depends upon several factors. The quality of your modem, the phone line your computer is hooked up to, your access provider, even the superiority of your computer system may impede your total enjoyment of the great race.

Though most of the sites allow you to choose from the 80 most popular racetracks in North America, some of these sites allow you the opportunity to pick from up to 120 tracks around the world.

Are you a beginner in the exhilarating world of thoroughbred racing? As little as a $1 bet will put you in the action. Current odds are available, usually updated a couple times per minute before each race.

Wager tradition bets:
WIN: A bet that your chosen horse finishes in first place.
PLACE: Your chosen hose finishes first OR second.
SHOW: Your horse is in third place at the finish lie.
ACROSS THE BOARD: Bet on a horse to Win, Place AND show. If the horse crosses the finish line first, the player collects first, second and third purse amounts; if he crosses second, it pays two ways; if he comes in third, it pays one way.

For the ambitious:
TRIFECTA: Pick the first THREE horses that cross the line IN EXACT ORDER.
TRIFECTA BOX: Same as above but the 2 wining horses must come in first and second.
EXACTA (also known as PERFECTA): Bet to pick the first two finishers in EXACT order of finish.
SUPERFECTA: This wager picks the first FOUR finishers in EXACT order of finish.
DAILY DOUBLE: Win by selecting 2 consecutive races, usually the first and second race of the day at that track.

Be aware that not every site permits unlimited betting. Some states do not allow you to open accounts. Also, you must be a minimum of eighteen years old, a legal Unites States resident, and wager in US dollars.

In order to play, these sites avail you the opportunity to choose from a number of services to deposit monies into betting accounts. To name a few options; they accept major credit cards, NETeller, bank wire, money gram, E-check and Firepay. You can even send cash via Western Union. Now that you’ve won your bet, use the same services to cash out.

Planning a trip to Las Vegas or Atlantic City? Do you need a little practice before you feel comfortable making that first bet? Check out the Casino Games betting options available on some of the same sites. There you will find Blackjack, Baccarat, Craps, Roulette and Poker. Even Kino is available to play with ease until you feel confident to wager with the high rollers.

These online betting sites also specialize in most professional and college sporting events from football, baseball and basketball. Even golf and boxing events are covered.

The race is on! Come join the fun.

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