The Real World is Coming to Denver

Move over city of Denver and make way for the Real World cast. MTV’s popular reality show The Real World is going to be filmed in Denver, Colorado later on this year. This is the first time that the show will be filmed in the state and it is stirring quite a buzz for the locals. The show was originally supposed to be filmed in Detroit, Michigan, but a change of plans has the show heading out west for the season. “Denver has absolutely everything we could hope for – diversity, activities, energy and nightlife,” Lois Curren, executive vice president of MTV reality show, stated. “We’re sure that the character and spirit of this picturesque city will be endlessly compelling to the seven roommates and audience alike.”

The new Real World house will be in the heart of downtown Denver. The former nightspot, B-52 Billiards on 1920 Market Street, will house the seven strangers. This location is perfect, it is in the middle of beautiful Denver and right down the street from the Denver Rockies’ Coor’s Field and the infamous Pepsi Center. The transformation is currently underway and it has been revealed that the club will now have a new kitchen, hot tub, bathroom, bedrooms, and even a basketball court. The construction is supposed to be finished in May 2006.

MTV’s production team Bunim-Murray had been scooping out the Denver scene since January and didn’t confirm that they were officially coming this way until they sat down and got Mayor John Hickenlooper’s approval on March 8, 2006. “This is a tremendous opportunity for Denver to showcase our cultural and recreational vibrancy to a very large, young audience,” Denver Mayor John Hickenlooper stated. Even Governor Bill Owens is hyped up about the taping. “MTV has made an outstanding choice,” the Governor stated. Jon Murray, the executive producer of The Real World, has had Denver on his television schedule ever since he visited the 16th Street Mall right after its construction. He is very pleased with the Denver atmosphere and is ready to settle here. Murray stated in an April Rocky Mountain News articles that, “With your downtown, LoDo area, Larimer Square, it’s a walkable space. It was time for us to be there.” He confesses that he wanted the information disclosed because he didn’t want too many people peeking through the windows of the building.

The show will be taped for four months and the production is scheduled to begin in May after the house design is complete. The show has already been cast but their identities are going to be kept secret until further notice. They will also be working in a secret location that has not yet been identified. However, according to the Rocky Mountain News, one of the male cast members is gay and he will be bartending in Denver’s hottest gay club, however, the other six workers’ employment information has not yet been disclosed.

As MTV ventures out into another year of the reality show, Coloradans are gearing up to apart of the show’s 18th season. Mayor Hickenlooper believes that this will be a way for the city of Denver to be a character on the show. This will help Denver to show its true beauty to the rest of the world.

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