The Risks of Smoking

Questions and Answers:

1. How long did you smoke for? 11 years. From age 18-29

2. Why did you start smoking? I thought I would like it.

3. Why did you stop smoking? Because I knew it was bad for you. Also, my husband wanted me to stop smoking so that we could raise our children in a healthy environment.

4. How did you stop smoking? I gradually cut back and then totally quit.

5. How has your life changed since you’ve quit? I have more energy, I’m not waking up with that bad taste in my mouth every mourning.

6. What could you have done differently in your life to prevent form smoking? If I was a little bit more informative of the effects of smoking.

7. What was your smoking routine? How many cigarettes did you have a day? I smoked between one to two packs a day. I smoked whenever I drank coffee.

8. What did you enjoy about smoking? It helped me relax and I would smoke instead of eating.

9. When you smoked, did you know of the hazards and its affects? If you did, why did you smoke anyway? There was just the surgeon general warning on the cigarette pack. There was not enough warning not to smoke. I was a stupid kid at the time.

10. If you had the choice to do it over again, would you smoke? No I would not because I now know the risks of smoking and what it can do to you.

The interview that I had with my relative who was a former smoker went very well. Many of the answers that she gave to my questions taught me a lot about her personality and why she started smoking. I did not know many of the answers to the questions that I had asked her. I found the interview thoroughly interesting and a good learning process. My relative gave long and thoughtful answers to the questions I asked.

I think that a successful interview is based on getting as much information from the person you interview as possible. Answers to the questions should be new and unknown to the interviewer. In addition, the interviewer and the people reading the answers to the questions should

Many of my relative’s answers to the questions surprised me. I had no idea of how serious her smoking habits were when she was a young adult.

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