The Secret Free Falling Middle Eastern Markets

Bodies have fallen in Q2. The MEEx [Middle-Eastern Exchange] has lost several hundred points over the last couple years due mainly to the cheapening prices of bodies. Just yesterday purchases for Jewish futures have dropped 5 points, bringing them to a record low of -5$ per share. Similarly, the long sold out bin Laden dropped 30 points after Zarqawi futures suddenly crashed. Even celebrity rates have not seen levels this low (down 10.3%) sense the Great Depression of 1980 following the Lennon crash. The outlook is grim; here won’t be much to stop the fall due to instability in the region, and to compound the problem this has scared off most investors. Surprisingly enough though, there is no real regional or global change for these futures. Internationally the MEEx meets ratio standards for the USBE [United States Body Exchange] and EUCM [European Union Corporeal Marketplace].

As prices approach nil, we are noticing very little change in global trends in other future markets. The eventual crash of the body market looks to be less threatening than originally anticipated. Analysts attribute this to the parallel falling of the GMM [Global Morality Market] and the rise of Dollar Diplomacy Investments throughout this steady decline. In fact, as the Atlantic/Pacific Ocean Floor futures and Moon futures will soon no longer be available, global trend setters continue to proceed at a normal pace upward on our charts.

Many of our “odd opportunity” future investors might be wondering what is left to invest in with the approach of the body market crash. There are still all your metals, gold, copper, nickel, adamantium, kryptonite, and antimatter, which have remained stable throughout all of this. Investors are cautioned to stay away from all Body Markets and the GMM, and look towards futures in land acquisition and the soon to be liquidated assets of the MEEx.

It’s a beautiful day and this has been the Middle East Economic Report.

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