The Secret to Cleaning Bathrooms

A clean bathroom gives an idea about someone’s personal hygiene. Everyday, we spend at least some time in the bathroom , whether we like it or not. It is inescapable! So, why is cleaning the bathroom our least favorite chore? Come on, let us get realistic about it ! On one hand, we don’t want to clean the bathroom. On the other hand, we don’t want to use an unclean bathroom. Therefore, might as well keep it clean and forget about it !

A daily routine of 2-3 minutes can minimize a lot of misery down the road. The major problems in the bathroom are the soap scum build up in the bath area. The toilet needs frequent maintenance also. However, a bathroom without proper ventilation can also create a problem of mold formation. The things that you can do on a daily basis are as follows:

1. When you get out of the shower, dry the walls with a sponge. Squeegee or contractor’s sponge is very good to use. That reduces the chance of soap scum accumulation and mold formation.

2. Use paper towel to clean mirror, counters, towel bars, chrome in shower, and toilet lip. Many a times the water lets dust particles to settle on the surface tarnishing the faucets and other chrome surfaces. Moreover, the mineral content of the water can also result in scum formation. Also, as mentioned before, you want a bathroom which is dry and clean.

3. Maintain a routine for the following:

a) Spray tub with a suitable cleaner and do a quick wipe down with wet rag or sponge. Many products are available in the market. Choose one that you like in terms of effectiveness, and odor. You definitely do not want a cleaner that will leave streaks behind.
b) Clean the toilet,
c) Wipe the floor,
d) Do a quick cleaning on your shower doors, or shower curtains


Shower curtains can be kept soft and clean if you wash and dry in water mixed with slight amount of vinegar.

4. Watch for any mold, or discoloration of the grout. Spray with a cleaner or bleach and let it sit for a while. You can scrub with brush (even an old toothbrush) to get to the hard -to-reach or narrow areas.

Note :

a) It is better to choose colored grout while installing tiles instead of simple white grout to mask discoloration.
b) The grout should not contain too much sand to prevent penetrating stains and mold formation.
c) Use CLEAR CAULKING along the border of the bathtub. The Opaque caulking usually turns yellow no matter how hard you try to keep it clean.

Each of these task only takes a few seconds to a few minutes, provided you don’t let it get bad in the first place. Within minutes your bathroom will look sparkling clean. The task can always be manageable as long as you don’t let it go downhill to begin with.

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