The Simpsons Old School Messenger Bag and Laptop Computer Carrying Case

I was browsing through this store called Music for a Song in a nearby town called Foley, Alabama, looking over some pretty cool stuff when I came across the absolutely coolest item in the entire store. At least for me. It was a brown and orange messenger bag that I saw as the perfect laptop computer carrying case. Now I know a brown and orange laptop computer carrying case may not sound like the coolest item in any store, but I haven’t told you what made it stand out. On the front is a embroidered drawing of Homer Simpson as he looks during the flashbacks to his high school days. A Simpsons laptop computer carrying case! How cool is that?

The material is a heavy duty, durable yet soft fabric. It’s more than soft, it’sâÂ?¦squeezably soft. The embroidered Homer Simpson is top quality and below Homer spells out the words Old School. Flip up the front fold with the latch and you are treated to a Halloween orange side zippered panel. On the bottom left is an embroidered The Simpsons logo in the regular Akbar font featured on the show’s opening credits.

The other side of the carrying case/messenger bag is brown with a thin bar of Halloween orange running along the top. On this side is a massive embroidered logo of The Simpsons. It is incredibly well stitched and featurs black shadowing. Clearly this Simpsons laptop carrying case and messenger bag isn’t the work of a cheap knockoff artists. This is fine, high quality merchandise.

Opening the center zippered compartment reveals space enough for even a wide-screen laptop or college textbooks. There is also a separate zippered compartment inside, spacious enough to keep some papers, folders or a notebook.

The bag comes with both an adjustable shoulder strap and a carrying handle. The shoulder strap features an adjustable webbed shoulder pad. The carrying handle soft and pliable, with a spongy grip. Using either the strap or handle provides for comfort when transporting the bag and both provide enough strength to carry the bag even when it is loaded down and heavy.

Frankly, I’ve been looking for a laptop computer carrying case like this ever since I got my laptop. Even before then, as it would have been ideal for carrying my books to school. I’ve gone through three others, including one of those that comes with wheels, but I’ve never been particularly happy with them. Even though the others came with more compartments and little spaces especially for things like CDs and pens and the like, I have a feeling I’m going to stick with my Homer Simpson Old School laptop carrying case for a long time. It feels good either in my hand or on my shoulder and, let’s face it, it has much more personality and character than any of the others. I would highly recommend getting one yourself if you are a Simpsons fan or a person with a laptop. (You know, they’ve got the internet on computers now.)

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