The Top 10 Reasons Why You Should Not Buy Disability Insurance

Disability insurance is a type of insurance that is designed to replace between 45 and 60% of your gross income in case you become ill and cannot work. This money is tax-free and is meant to give you something to live on in case you become too ill to work. In this way, disability insurance can give you great peace of mind when you need it most.

Here are ten reasons why you should not buy disability insurance:

1. If your spouse can replace your income and get a good job anywhere, then you do not need to buy disability insurance. Employers are actually wanting to teach your spouse new skills just because they know that your spouse needs a job. Plus your children can go to work. After all, newspaper routes pay good money.

2. If you have at least five years of income in your savings, then you can just live off of that, so you don’t need disability insurance. Of course, whenever the money in your savings account runs out you can simply borrow money from the bank. After all, the only thing that that they care about is the fact that you are healthy and productive. They already know that these things are true.

3. If you have disability insurance where you work, you can depend on your company’s disability insurance to be there for you no matter what, therefore you do not need disability insurance. Plus, you will not mind retraining for a job that you hate just so you can have some type of an income.

4. If your mortgage or rent payments can wait, then you do not need disability insurance. After all, your mortgage company has a lot of years worth of money invested in you and your landlord has your security deposit, so they will not evict you from your place of residence. They do not want to see you and your family on the street.

5. If it is summertime and you like the heat, then you do not need disability insurance because you will not have to pay for air-conditioning. You also do not need heat in the wintertime since you can simply build a fire. As for the telephone, you don’t need one of those either because you can simply send your spouse next door to borrow your neighbor’s telephone.

6. If you do not need anything like soap, clothes for your children, or light bulbs, then you do not need disability insurance.

7. If bill collectors call, they will be understanding of the fact that you are ill and cannot work, therefore you do not need disability insurance.

8. If something happens to you, then you can always get welfare, so you do not need to buy disability insurance. After all, you have paid your taxes all of these years, so you are entitled to your share of welfare when you need it. Plus, nothing is going to happen to you anyway, regardless of what statistics say.

9. If you pay for disability insurance you may never need it, so it is simply a waste of money. You can save even more money by getting rid of your home and life insurance policies as well.

10. If you have a heart attack, you can get disability insurance then, so you really don’t need to buy disability insurance right now. After all, insurance companies will not mind taking a high level of risk on you once you have had your first heart attack.

Of course, this is just a satirical look at why you really DO need disability insurance. So, simply stop and ask yourself, “How much would I loose if a disability stopped my income?” Therein lies the reason why it is so very important for you to get disability insurance today.

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