The Top 3 Taverns in Staunton Illinois

Staunton Illinois has a wide variety in taverns to choose from. They have everything from your typical bar and grill to your local corner tavern. The interesting thing about the taverns in Staunton, is they all seem to have a mixed aged group. You will see people ranging in age from 21 drinking right alongside of senior citizens in their 80’s. There is definitley a sense of hometown hospitality shown to regular customers and visitors alike.

Located just off of Interstate 55 at exit 44, Staunton Il, is RJ’s Bar and Grill. It is about 1/4 to 1/2 a mile from the exit ramp. RJ’s motto is “We take your fun seriously”. I have found this to be very true as there are plenty of options for entertainment in this bar. RJ’s offers pool tables, dart boards, pinball as well as video poker. Being a sports bar they also have several televisions, playing all of your sporting favorites. RJ’s also offers 25 different types of bottled beer and usually 4 beers on draft. They also have nightly drink specials and for your dancing pleasure local bands playing on Saturday nights. RJ’s is open 7 days a week from 10am thru 2am. They can be reached by phone at
(618)635-3980. They also have a website

On the opposite edge of Staunton Illinois at 8727 State Route 4 lies Decamp Junction. Decamp Junction is a historic landmark in these parts. They are a proud member of the route 66 association. Decamp junction is also the scene were in 1930 gangsters arrived in a black sedan with guns drawn and robbed the bar of slot machines, alcohol, guns and cash. This historic tavern displays the photographs of the old dance hall that once lied here as well as recent wall of shame pictures of tavern patrons enjoying themselves, sometimes a little too much. Decamp Junction also has a wide variety of beers as well as a homemade apple cider that is well known throughout the area. The hours of operation are typically evenings and weekends. They can be contacted at (618)637-2951

My 3rd top tavern in Staunton Illinois is the Porthole Lounge. The Porthole lounge is located in the basement of Schweppes restaurant at 124 East Main street. The bar boasts a elegant decor of all things nautical. From the rope casting nets to the mounted fish on the wall this place is truly a fishermans paradise. Staunton is big on karaoke and on Friday nights at the Porthole you too can play rock star for a night. There is also pool tables as well as foos ball tables to keep you entertained. The drinks are very reasonably priced and there is also nightly drink specials. The Porthole is open Wedensday thru Saturday from 4pm-2am. They also are avilable for parties and other social gatherings. for more information you can call them at (618)635-2777.

These are just a few of the many great taverns to be found in Staunton, Illinois. Most of the local taverns are located on the main street and there are a few scattered throughout the east side of town. Many of the taverns open as early as 6am. During the week they typically will close around midnight unless there is a crowd and then they will close at 2 am.

I do advise when passing thru Staunton, if you are engaging in spirits that you have a designated driver. This is a small town and the police love to catch DUI offenders.

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