The Top 5 Best Upcoming Games for the Sony PlayStation 2

By the end of the year, your PlayStation 2 might be considered obsolete due to the release of the Sony PlayStation 3. Fortunately for gamers, that is not the case as there’s plenty of games still coming out for the PlayStation 2 that are worth our time and money. Here’s five upcoming PlayStation 2 games that you should still really keep an eye on.

One of the games that many PlayStation 2 users are looking out for is Okami, which is produced by the same team that brought us the challenging yet fun game called Viewtiful Joe. With some beautiful art design and interesting puzzle-adventure style gameplay, Okami has gotten really fantastic reviews in Japan, where it has already been released. While the game’s art style is very innovative and unlike anything else, the gameplay supposedly reminds many of The Legend of Zelda, which is never a bad thing. The game will finally hit American shores in mid-September.

If you’re a sports fan, you should look no farther than NBA 2K7 for your sports gaming needs. The NBA 2K series has been known to be the best simulation basketball video game series and 2K7 continues that trend. NBA 2K7 hopes to make the game even more realistic by using actual animations that many star players use in real life. With even better graphics than the last one and some fun online play, the game is a must for any gamer looking for some competitive gaming entertainment.

Perhaps the most popular upcoming game for the PlayStation 2 is Square Enix’s Final Fantasy XII. In this iteration of the popular series, gamers are treated to a rather new and innovative style of gameplay unlike the other games in the series. Despite its relatively major change, the game has gotten great reviews in Japan and will likely be a must for any fan of RPG games. The game is said to, unsurprisingly, have a great storyline and some wonderful music. Final Fantasy fans may rejoice once the game is released in late October.

The Phantasy Star series gets a long awaited revival with its new iteration Phantasy Star Universe for the PlayStation 2. This action RPG game will allow gamers to go on various quests through interesting lands along with other gamers from all over the world. The game will allow players to level up and gain experience, which will likely make it a must for anyone looking for a game with a ton of replay value. The game is scheduled to be released in late October.

A game that essentially came out of nowhere and won over the hearts of many gamers was Guitar Hero. The music game allowed players to rock out to music with a guitar-shaped accessory. Guitar Hero II hopes to continue the success of the original and allow amateur guitarists to jam along with popular music from classic rock bands such as Van Halen, Guns N’ Roses, and Lynyrd Skynyrd. The original won many awards and became very popular, so it’s very unlikely that Guitar Hero II will become a flop.

The Sony PlayStation 2 might be on its last legs, but that doesn’t mean that the final games being released on the system are going to be bad. There’s still plenty of games to look forward to, even if you’re ready for the next generation of systems. Hopefully this guide has helped inform you on some of the best upcoming PlayStation 2 games and why you shouldn’t throw your system away just yet.

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