The Top Family Events in Beverly Hills, Michigan

The Village of Beverly Hills, Michigan is a small, quaint town with friendly people everywhere you go. This is the perfect place to raise a family with lots of family events always happening. Beverly Park is the most popular spot as to where these events take place. The park is located off of Beverly Rd. and Allerton Dr. This park has a pavilion, playground area, volleyball and tennis courts, wooded trails, along with a large hill available for climbing. It is a very natural and serene park with a small pond visited often by ducks. Everyone in Beverly Hills, Michigan knows about this park as it is a very popular spot.

Beverly Hills, Michigan offers activities for families all year round. In the winter time you can attend Winter Family Fun Day, taking place the third Sunday in January. People of the city are invited to join in on sledding, ice skating and cross-country skiing during this event. There is also an opportunity to warm up with good conversation and friends in the pavilion by fire. The hill at Beverly Park is the most popular spot for sledding in the whole village. Wooden stairs have been built up into the edge of the hill where children can safely climb up. The hill is also wonderful for star gazing where you can find a clear view of the sky from being at the top.

Memorial Day brings lots of more fun for the people of this village. Sponsored by the Village Women’s Club, a parade can be seen starting from Groves High School and ending at Beverly Park. There is also a carnival that takes place in the park. The carnival is always a great turn out with games, rides and refreshments. Any funds raised during this event go to benefit the community. There is also a Fun Run that takes place this day. Starting and ending at Beverly School, it is a four mile run and a two mile walk. All proceeds from this event go to the Beverly Hills Lion Club.

Another fun activity that takes place at this park targeted for families is the Summer Concert Series. Children love this as it is a fun time for them to bond with their parents and siblings while watching great music performances. There is usually four concerts that take place within the month of July and beginning of August. Most of the bands are local and unknown yet it still makes for a fun opportunity for families to get out and enjoy the warm, summer nights. Just this past summer such bands as Sun Messengers, Dal Bouey, Tarter Sauce and Mystery Train were available to see.

Beverly Park also holds the biggest Halloween bash the town has come to known. The Halloween Hoot is an event that takes place a week before Halloween. It is a great opportunity for both parents and kids to show off their Halloween costumes. Pumpkins carved by kids of the community align the forest, all lit up by candlelight giving you an eerie, spooky feel. Kids from Groves High School students volunteer to help work this event, dressing up themselves and handing out candy at stations. This event is always very well done with awesome displays, strobe lights and spooky music along the trail. It’s made out to be just spooky enough where the whole family can enjoy it without anything too gory or scary being involved. Last year the Beverly Hills Fire Department was there to greet people at the end of the trail. This year the event will take place Sunday, October 22nd. Kids 11 and under are welcome to come with their families. Between noon-2:00 p.m. the first 200 kids will carve the pumpkins that will align the trail. Trick or treat will be between 6:00 p.m.-8:00 p.m. and will include storytellers, cookies and cider available in the pavilion.

Besides the events that takes place at the park there is also a great center called The Beverly Hills Club. Whether you are a member or not there are lots of great opportunities to enjoy different sports such as tennis and swimming and tons of different things available for everyone from your toddler to your grandmother to participate in. Classes such as Pilates and water aerobics are great for mom, while dad may prefer to play a game of basketball in the gym. Mini swim clinics take place for ages 3 and older where a variety of Junior and teen programs are also offered. Visit for more information on all that this great club has to offer.

Outside the community of Beverly Hills other great events take place in Bloomfield and Birmingham for families to check out. The 70th Annual Halloween Parade and 12th Annual Pumpkin Patch will take place October 22nd in Shain Park. The Community House in Birmingham also offers fun things for children including Breakfast with Santa December 2nd or the Children’s Holiday Gift Shop at the same location December 1st-2nd. For more information on these events visit

The village of Beverly Hills may be small but it’s heart lies right in the community. Most people know each other and look forward to the events of the village every year, creating tradition for generations to come for the families that continue to stay and grow here.

For more information on the village of Beverly Hills and all the events that take place visit

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