The Top Five Bakeries in Eugene, Oregon

Sometimes, nothing satisfies the appetite like a fresh-baked cookie or a wholesome loaf of organic bread. Eugene, Oregon is home to several diverse, quality bakeries. Alas, some of these great bakeries are not exactly on the main drag and may not be visible to the average visitor. So, if you’re looking for something beyond what you can get at the supermarket bakery, check out one or more of these fine establishments:

Sweet Life Patisserie
has become one of the city’s most popular bakeries. The small, urban shop at 755 Monroe Street – accessible both to downtown Eugene and the Whitaker neighborhood, serves hundreds of customers daily. The website at will give you a good visual of these delicious and spectacular specimens. This is a fine place to sip organic coffee at one of the outdoor bistro tables or order that impressive dessert for a special occasion. Sweet Life is knows for it’s quality and decadence. While you’re trying to choose from the appetizing display case offerings, you can watch the talented bakers working in the kitchen.

For a genuine Eugene experience, La Petit Bakery and New Day Bakery are sister bakeries located at a space they share with The World CafÃ?© at 449 Blair Blvd. – in the heart of the funky and diverse Whitaker neighborhood. The bread baked by New Day Bakery is especially delicious and is sold in trusted local shops like The Kiva (corner of 11th and Olive). What is special about La Petit, besides the baked goods, is that this bakery partners with high schools, in particular the public Network Charter School (, to offer culinary classes to students, as well as community baking classes. A part of Eugene for over 18 years, hey have become a true influence in the community. Last year, the students at La Petit took first place in the district-wide “Iron Chef-style” cooking competition held at Lane Community College ( LaPetit is regarded for their wedding cakes. For information on what these bakeries are up to, the website is

For a French bakery inspiration, try the Metropol Bakery housed in the 5th Street Public Market building at 296 E. 5th. The bread and baked goods are baked on premises and you can watch the white-clad bakers through the windows as they serve up breads, croissants and pastries. This bakery has wonderful French breads – both seeded and non. For hours and outlets, you can call the Metropol at 687-9370, or just wander over to the 5th Street Market and let your nose guide the way!

Another bustling bakery in downtown Eugene is the Palace Bakery at 844 Pearl Street. Sandwiched between the popular Zenon Caf�© (898 Pearl Street) and a busy coffee shop frequented by downtown business people and government workers, the Palace Bakery specializes in muffins, scones, croissants and other treats to munch on with a hot cup of coffee. For information about Palace Bakery, try

If you’re looking to combine your baked goods with a fine dining experience, Napoli Restaurant and Bakery at 686 E. 13th – only about two blocks from the University of Oregon campus serves up fresh Italian food and has a full service bakery onsite featuring wonderful desserts, custom cakes and bread. It’s a restaurant where you’ll definitely want to save room for dessert! The menu is available online at

Although Eugene, Oregon may not come to mind when you think of delicious baked goods, we have more than our fair share of artisan bakeries and these are just a few of my favorites. In this casual town, you have a good chance of actually shaking hands or having a chat with the craftsperson who bakes your bread or creates your luscious dessert.

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