How to Cut Vegetables for an Omelette

Anyone can make an omelette, which is a versatile and easy dish, requiring only eggs. More often than not, an omelette is used for breakfast; however, it can also be eaten in lunch or dinner if you have no other option or want a simple and quick fix.

Vegetables are common additions to omelettes and can add more flavors to it. Apart from taste and uniform cooking, evenly cut vegetables will enhance the overall presentation of the omelette. However, there are a few steps you need to follow before you can use your favorite vegetables.


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    Select the vegetables

    For every serving of omelette, you need to have one half to one cup of vegetables. Some of the popular choices of vegetables for an omelette are broccoli, mushrooms, spinach, onions, tomatoes and bell peppers of every colour.

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    Wash the vegetables

    Once you have arranged all the desired vegetables, the next step is to rinse them nicely and allow them to dry.

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    Bell pepper

    Keep in mind that you have to remove the stem of the bell pepper before you can use it. Break the pepper into half and wash the seeds with cold water. Before you cut the pepper, you need to take out thin membrane between the pepper’s sections.

    While using bell peppers, you may set aside some of the slices to garnish over the omelette.

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    Cut the mushrooms

    You may clean the mushrooms with a damp paper towel, instead of rinsing them in cold water. Having taken off the dust or the debris, slice the mushroom into thin strips before adding them in the omelette.

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    Cut the tomatoes into quarters by removing the stem first in order to dice them easily.  The firm outside of the tomato needs to be cut into quarter inch strips. The seedy middle part of the tomato must also be removed.

    Dicing tomatoes is not as easy as it appears because the juice and seeds in a tomato may create a slippery surface. However, you would do better if the knife is sharp enough.

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