The Top Four Places to Get Ice Cream in Corry, PA

No matter what time of year it is, most of us develop a craving for ice cream at one point or another. Whether it’s the middle of winter and the mood just strikes, you’re an ice cream aficionado, or you want to cool off with some ice cream on a hot summer day, there is somewhere in Corry, PA that can fill your needs. To some, ice cream is treated as a stand alone, a food that deserves its own spot in the daily food pyramid yet to others, ice cream is simply a delicious desert that satisfies the palate ever so well after a meal. It doesn’t matter who you are or what you consider so great about ice cream. Corry, PA has five different ice cream shops to satisfy nearly everyone looking for some of the delicious dairy treat.

The Chill-n-Grill is located just a few miles outside of Corry, PA in Elgin, PA at 11459 Route 6. This establishment has recently come under new management and is a fantastic place to stop while on the road. Their competitive pricing and sizes make it a place you will want to visit more than once. The chop also offers many other types of food and frozen treats as alternatives to ice cream. The location is ideal for locals who are driving from Corry towards Erie and want some ice cream along the way.


TJ’s is known most for their large portion sizes and their daily specials. TJ’s offers both hard and soft serve ice cream at their 13283 Route 6 location just outside of Corry. Inside TJ’s large restaurant is an arcade located upstairs including pool tables and an air hockey game. This location not only offers ice cream but a very broad selection of food as well. Menu items include pizza, wings, hot dogs, hamburgers, and fries as well as over 100 other items. If you’re really hungry for a lot of ice cream try the hog trough, a massive banana split. TJ’s is the place to stop if you want a lot of ice cream, particularly soft serve, at a very cheap price.

Dairy Queen
Corry also features the favorite chain restaurant Dairy Queen. For something you know and love, Dairy Queen is the choice for you. A friendly staff is willing to help you find the item just for you. Although their prices are slightly higher and servings are smaller compared to locally owned and operated establishments, they are a well known restaurant which has known products, so you should never receive anything unexpected. DQ can be found at 467 E. Columbus Avenue (Route 6) and is one of the best options for visitors who want to eat at a familiar place or for those who simply have a taste for their ice cream and food.

Hoagie Hut

“My Gut Loves The Hut.” This catchy phrase from the local restaurant makes the business sticks out in peoples mind. Its creative use of slang gets people to visit and their delicious ice cream and food keep them coming back. Among the restaurants listed. Hoagie Hut delivers some of the best food while reserving ice cream for desert. Among the best items on their menu include their very reasonably priced subs and humongous calzones. Their most well known product in the community is their pizza. An award winner is a local competition, their pizza is known as the best in the town. The Hut offers soft serve in the typical vanilla, chocolate, and twist as a great accompaniment to their other fantastic offerings. Located at 510 E. Columbus Avenue (Route 6), Hoagie Hut is yet another wonderful place in Corry to enjoy the delicious American affection, ice cream.

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