The Top Local Restaurants in Stone Mountain, Georgia

Located in Metro Atlanta, Stone Mountain, is best known for housing the country’s largest outcropping of granite in the ever-famous Stone Mountain Park.

Stone Mountain Park is a popular attraction with its unique blend of natural wildlife (nature trails, fishing, camping) with modern day attractions (boat rides, water slides, the infamous laser show.) While visiting Stone Mountain Park, don’t confine yourself to eating solely at the park’s restaurants. There are numerous local restaurants that offer a variety the park cannot. Whatever your craving, Stone Mountain, , has unique restaurants that are friendly with both your budget and your family.

Have a hankering for Chinese food? Not only does Imperial Chinese Gardens ( the tastiest Chinese food in town, but its crystal chandeliers and soothing fountains leave you wondering if you are dining in an emperor’s palace itself. They offer regular dinner combinations as well as “family dinners” that include two to five entrees, soups, and egg rolls depending on the number of people in your party. (Be sure to try their ever-popular sizzling rice soup!) The wide variety of chicken, shrimp, beef, pork, and vegetable entrees range from $7-9/ per person. Come hungry. Their plates are even larger than their popularity! ((770) 921-2727)

If pizza and subs is more your speed, Stone Mountain Pizza Caf�© ( is a non-negotiable. Seated conveniently off Ga Hwy 78, Pizza Caf�© offers everything from pizzas, calzones, salads, subs, and pastas, to simply sinful fresh cheesecakes and hot pretzels dripping in garlic butter. (Or try one with mozzarellaâ�¦my personal favorite!) Starting at $1.80 for a huge slice of NY style pizza, this easy going restaurant makes it easy to keep your travel budget in check. They also have a full bar and big screen TVs for all of you sports fans! ((770) 413-6717)

For a small town restaurant with an uptown feel, visit Five Forks Restaurant, a locally owned treasure known for its diner style lunches and superbly elegant, candlelit dinners. For lunch, choose from a variety of hot and cold sandwiches, roasted potatoes, soups, and extensive salad bar. Dinner boasts a variety of elegant dishes such as marinated pork loin, and grilled salmon. Their fresh desserts can hold their own as well. Coconut cake, cheesecakes, peanut butter pie, and a wide variety of other homemade desserts will undoubtingly be a temptation. Lunch entrees are $6-9/per person whereas dinner starts around $12. ((770) 923-5422)

For an altogether different dining experience, the Village Corner Restaurant and Bakery is a must do on your travel list. Located just outside Stone MountainPark, this bakery/restaurant/tavern compilation hails its roots in . Their extensive menu ( offers a wide variety of the typical bakery sandwiches, salads, and quiches, while offering an array of Schnitzels, Sauerbraten, Spaetzle, and other German born dishes. Be sure to visit their bakery ( before leaving and buy a fresh cheese danish or bear claw for the road. Lunch combos start at $6, and dinner at $15. ((770) 498-0329)

Finally, cool off from the heat with a fresh baked waffle cone from Bruster’s Icecream ( Bruster’s offers an amazing variety of freshly made ice-cream with yogurt, sugar free, and sherbet varieties as well! Though double chocolate chunk is an undeniably satisfying treat for a chocolate lover like myself, Bruster’s also has intriguing seasonal flavors throughout the year. Kids under 3 get a free kid’s cone, too, complete with “sprinkle” hair and fun candy eyes! ((770) 923-7645)

Plan to stop by one (or all!) of these fantastic spots on your next trip to Stone Mountain. And, be sure to eat a cheese danish (or two) for me!

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