The Truth About Myspace Trackers

You’ve seen your friends posting numerous ads in your bulletins lately. And you have probably fell for some of these seemingly harmless trackers, that claim to give detailed statistics on who has been viewing your Myspace page. But do me, and everyone else who uses Myspace, please do not install programs to view who is looking at your page on your MySpace site. Anyone who uses such codes/programs are compromising the safety and security of the whole network. This is the very reason why Myspace works to vigoursly to ban and block such attempts to track page visits.

They are ingenious little programs that let you see who’s been peeking at your MySpace site, but the huge downside is that it IS spyware and creating an open door to your computer as a platform for hackers. Even if you have a firewall in place or a hardwired router; you have now done their job for them by happily copying and pasting the code into your Myspace which allows access into personal information. As soon as you copy and paste the code into your profile, hackers now have full access to your IP address and the IP address of anyone who is on your site. Furthermore, anyone who is familiar with intermediate level html/java will understand what the code does. Unfortunately many Myspacers trust various sites that post up code for them to alter the layout of their profile, and before you know it your Myspace is an advertisement of various sites, and susceptible to hackers.

Furthermore, many scams are out thier where people claim to have created software (for a nominal fee paid through Paypal) to be able to track IP statistics. Truth is, Myspace has made it very difficult through the page scripting to install personal hit counters. Tom himself, the creator of Myspace, avidly discourages such attempts. There are a lot of people trying to make money from the huge demand of MySpace Trackers. I’ve seen postings on eBay and Stormpay – DON’T BUY THESE! Although you may have a working statistics for a couple days from software programers looking to make a quick buck, MySpace trackers are blocked so quickly these days, you’re only throwing your money away. Basically, these programs offer NO guarantee that the tracker will work and not be blocked by MySpace so you’re basically only paying for access to their forums/downloads.

There are programs that are safer than the random posts you see in your bulletins that give IP statistics, and other information like page visits from IP, in addition to reports and summaries. BUT, it does not include FRIEND identification information. Createblog has a working myspace / xanga tracker. although the tracker doesn’t get the usernames, it gets everything else, like the IP, location, time of visit, number of visits, and daily and monthly summaries. A neat feature is that you can view where you’re visitors are coming from in a map.

Visit the following Websites for More Information:

For safer Myspace page visit statistics.

Reputable services like no longer work on Myspace. But these are the type of services (like the websites mentioned above) if any, that Myspace users should lobby for. Not the other type of trackers that most people fall into. If Myspace users are so interested in tracking page visits by friend identifications, Myspacers should appeal to higher sources. Myspace is a giant advertisement, and trust me that the owners want to make all Myspacers happy. So contact Myspace directors, post continously in the Myspace forums for a more integrated internal Myspace statistics, not just a friend tracker.

Now everyone get in there and erase the code you’ve inserted into your profile. Heck…do you really need to know who’s looking at your profile so badly that you are willing to leave a backdoor open to anything and everything personal on your computer’s hard drive (think banking information)…I think not…

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